Steemhost Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

in steemhost •  7 months ago

We haven't finalized our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy statements yet ... although much of if will be governed by the terms dictated by the Steemit Terms of Service and Privacy policy (although we have no affiliation with them).

Briefly, what is ours is ours. What is yours is yours ... under the understanding that content that is stored on the steem blockchain is freely accessible to anyone with access to that blockchain.

We do have tracking cookies on our site ... but only have a function to improve the performance of the site. We store information about who you are ... based on information which you provide when you connect using steemconnect. This allows us to store information useful only to you... which hosts you prefer or blog posts you want to bookmark. We have no wish to collect any data beyond which makes our process work properly. We will never sell any information to a third party. Unfortunately we do track ip addresses ... because of mechanism to limit the amount of paid advertisements a host will have based on a specific person in a set period of time. We hope that the information that we track will have little value for government authority.

If there are errors whether by action or inaction, we apologise but definitely fall back on the provisions laid out in the steemit terms of service.

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