Get your private key from your password

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This article provides the algorithm and instructions on how to use tools.

Every account has 4 keys roles: owner, active, posting, and memo. The algorithm used to generate the private key depends upon the the account, role, and password.


 secret = SHA256( account + role + password ) 

C++ Algorithm

string seed = account + role + password;
auto secret = fc::sha256::hash(  seed.c_str(), seed.size() );
auto key    = fc::ecc::private_key::regenerate( secret );

Using the CLI wallet
The command line wallet has a helper api call that will return the public key and private key in WIF format.

locked >>> get_private_key_from_password username active "password" 

Note: The username and keys generated are not validated against the blockchain state and are not saved in your wallet. This CLI api is merely a utility. STM5SKxjN1YdrFLgoPcp9KteUmNVdgE8DpTPC9sF6jbjVqP9d2Utq is the public key in Steem format, and 5JamTPvZyQsHf8c2pbN92F1gUY3sJkpW3ZJFzdmfbAJPAXT5aw3 is the private key in Bitcoin's Wallet Import Format (WIF).

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Is there a way to directly create keys in command line?


yes - there is a generate key command

Is there any reason that a normal Steemit user would need these keys? Am I not just fine as long as I have my username and password saved somewhere?


I dont get it, too

This is too complicated.

Good info. It makes sense -- I've learned WIF / key generation recently. It looks like Steem format is basically standard WIF with the first symbols of the base58 key = "STM" (or more accurately a WIF always starting with M and ST prefixed). Where can the CLI be found is the question. WIF originated with Bitcoin from what I read but is now generic used by basically all coins incl. steem of course. This is a double sha 256 call -- shown in the c++ above -- similar to bitcoin address generation

I need help .. I tried setting up the steemit wordpress plugin but was asked to get my private key which i dont know where to get ... Please help


Same here. Have you found any solution to this?

I do not understand 1 word of it or how to get these passwords