Teaching the Gnome how to play Magic: The Gathering

in steemgnome •  3 years ago  (edited)

Tonight I decided it was time to see whether the gnome liked card games. He's still quiet, but he seemed to pick up the rules fast enough.

A challenger appears!

He looks like a bit of a card shark.
confident gnome

The game started off well for me. I gain life, and the gnome loses life. Win-win for me, right?
going well

Well, maybe it isn't going so well. The gnome just needed time for his elves to start synergizing.
me starting to lose

And from here on, it was a total rout. I was overrun by elves. He could regenerate anything I could kill, and his ability to gain life from every attacking elf he controlled outpaced my ability to whittle him down.

losing for sure

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thanks for fina foto wow

Don't teach the Gnome poker or black jack, it would be the end of @jacobtothe.