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Is English your first language? Do you have advanced writing skills, or perhaps a passion for words? @steemiteditors is looking to expand our team! Interested?

To become a @steemiteditor, please connect with us on Discord, you can accept our invite HERE. Mention that you would like to apply to become a member and we will do the relevant checks. If approved, we will contact you and walk you through the process.

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Before you apply however, we do have certain criteria for our applicants:

  • You must have at least 500 Steem Power in your account
  • You must be an active Steemit member and have at least 20 quality posts submitted from your account
  • English must be your first language (we will be recruiting editors with alternative first languages at a later stage)
  • You must have at least 2 hours to spare a day, where you can dedicate your time to editing
  • You need to be a team player

More About @Steemiteditors:

Steemiteditors was created to help communities on the platform that battle writing English posts. With our help, they can make an entrance into the English-speaking communities where their work will be further appreciated and acknowledged as quality content. We also intend on rewarding them for their quality posts to the best of our abilities. Find out more about the process, rules, and guidelines HERE.

If you think you have what it takes and would like to be part of a growing initiative right here on Steemit, please contact us and we will review your application.

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would love to join, but i'm not content writer, think i'm good with comments though, good luck on your search. I'll stick to what i think i'm good at.


Please do pop by with a comment every so often, we'd appreciate that!

I'm interested in participating in this initiative at some point. I am relatively new here though and my SteemPower is way too low. What is the reason for the SteemPower rule? Just to prove that you are serious? I'm working on it :-)


Thanks for commenting! Keep on working hard! As @steemiteditors grows we may need help in the future. The reason we have the steem power rule is to help us ensure our team members are serious and dedicated. 500 SP is the first big milestone for minnows and it takes work and dedication to reach that milestone. Reading potential team member's posts, comments, and seeing their overall status on Steemit helps us find new team members who are great members of the Steemit community.

What a great idea! I wish I had 2 hours a day to spare to do this - I'd sign up in a heartbeat. Trust you recruit some ace editors.


Thanks @kiligirl - we hope we can add some awesome members to our team too! Things are quiet at the moment, but business will pick up along with the price of Steem. While we do charge our users a small fee (which goes straight to the editor), our aim is to help them make that fee back with upvotes, as well to make a profit on their new quality post.

I am also in the same boat as @killigirl, no time to spare at this stage! But this is indeed a great effort to help others and I admire your work! Blessings and Upvoted!


Hi, thanks so much for your kind words! Keep us in mind and if you ever have the time, pop us a message and perhaps you can join us!

Hi @steemeditors,

I found this post when someone in one of the discords I belong to posted the wrong link :-)

I'd be very interested in this. I've thought about it often, and have found some very useful posts from authors whose English was a little lacking, and so I left the post.

Unfortunately I'm a little tied up at the moment with a few of my own projects. Is there some sort of "waiting list" or "mailing list" I could get onto that would notify me when you're looking for someone again in a month or 3?


Hi @braaiboy, @sweetpea here! I run @steemiteditors together with @marxrab - let me know when you are available and we can see if we have a slot for you!


Lekker! Will do... Thanks!

I am away till late on the 24th of March, however I am sure this would interest me , and I do talk a lot?
My English is pretty good and I do have sufficient SP.


Ha ha, we are sure your talk adds to your experience. Pop us a message when you are ready to chat!

I hope I can apply in the future, once my SP meets the requirement. I have been a freelance writer since 2008, occasionally offering editing and proofreading services to my clients as well. It will be a while before I have the 500 SP though!


Hey! Keep us in mind when you are at least a little closer to the 500 SP requirement. It sounds like you have good experience in the world of editing so we'd be happy to talk with you when you have just a bit more experience under your belt. Until then you could follow @steemiteditors founders, @marxrab (me commenting) and @sweetpea to keep in touch.

I'm new but on the cusp of throwing myself wholeheartedly into Steemit, and this initiative piques my interest. I'm confident I have the necessary skills and expect soon be posting frequently, but am unsure on a couple of points. First, approximately how many STEEM would it be necessary to purchase and power up to acquire 500SP? More selfishly, what are the potential rewards for undertaking this sort of meta-steemgig (as I understand it to be)? Or should I be asking such questions on the Discord?


Hi there! Please do visit us on Discord, or pop a message to @sweetpea and perhaps we can collaborate as to how you could become an active member of the @steemiteditors community - and we'll discuss the rewards!


Thank you kindly. I'll do just that. Pardon my ignorance (I said I was new) but am I able to contact @sweetpea directly, and would doing so involve going through the wallet, as a two-year-old post I just found suggests? That Discord link has expired, btw.


Thank you for the heads up. You can contact @sweetpea directly on Steemit, in fact, she has already received your friend request :)