SteemGigs Discord Talk Show 2 Experience

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I was actually late in the second SteemGigs Discord Talk Show. I asked @dunkman what’s happening and he said nothing much yet due to internet problem or something. I got connected in Discord and the first voice that I heard was @surpassinggoogle’s, he’s talking while everyone is listening. He gave some encouraging words based on his own experience. Some of us knew that he faced some adversities at one point when he’s still a minnow. Personally, he’s true to life experience as a minnow in Steemit and a young boy in the university is an inspiration to strive in order to succeed.

I was fortunate to have a chance to ask @surpassinggoogle. With the immense success of #ulog, I asked him if there’s a possibility of combining TIL and ulog in SteemGigs. And his simple answer is “NO”. But, he’s planning to add ulog in the Surpassinggoogle segment.

I was only connected in the Discord for less than 3 hours, but I enjoyed it. I just fell asleep due to tiredness. Hehe. I am happy though because I didn't missed the Talk Show.

There was a lot things tackled in the Discord, but my favorite part is when Sir Terry said something regarding ulog. The main goal of ulog is to bring the “awesomeness version of yourself”. Basically, we’re all encouraged to get better and continue growing as a Steemian.

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Let's show our support to Sir @surpassinggoogle for his generous heart by voting him as a witness. Visit > type “steemgigs” at the first search box.
Visit again
and type " surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy

Thank you @saskia for this wonderful banner.


Will surely join the discord and lets be united.

You could simply download the discord app on Play or Apple Store on your device then join steemgigs via link:

Yea yea, there was a lot of goodies enclosed in the previous day's talk show, this time around I didn't completely miss out but it clashed with my schedule plus network issue. I was listening to @surpassinggoogle speak while a cab and when I was on a walk..hehe
Good to have you around @sn0white, how's mom and I hope you are enjoying your visit to Singapore?
Good to have you around

I guess a lot of us were surprised with the schedule of the talk show. I was not really prepared as well.

My mom is okay @samal.
I'm a bit tired trying to recover my strength, but I'm really enjoying my time here.

I need a banner too @sn0white?

I missed the chance to hear your voice in discord sis..hehe.. I fell asleep early..

Sayang sis. Hehe. nakatulog na rin ako pagkatapos kong tanungin si SG.

Sis, banner daw sabi si @samal. Hehe

Hindi ko narinig yung boses mo, siguro yun yung wala pa akong naririnig

Andi ate ta man 2am la nen tinepetan koy SG, dakel lay naugip. :)

steemgigs are always awesome..a lot of people helped my the man beyond steemgigs..

surpassinggoole always did a great job.

Keep it up @friend. Thanks for sharing your informative post

Sayang d ko din narinig convo nyo ni @surpassinggoogle. Next time record mo nlng. Hehhee

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