Calling STEEMGIGS logo maker out there. Logo Contest for @project-eleven and win 5SBD

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Make a LOGO for Project Eleven and win 5 SBD!

Want an easy contest to join in?

@project-eleven have just been recently founded and it needs a logo. It is a project which has goals and objectives of bringing talented Filipino athletes, e-sports enthusiasts, artists and musicians to the Steem Blockchain by creating events, workshops, tournaments, and competitions in which the participants and winners will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies.

Calling steemgigs logo maker out there who wants to showcase their talent by creating a logo for @project-eleven. The rules on how to join the said logo contest is easy. It will just need a fraction of your time. Moreover, the criteria for making the logo or the logo contest guidelines is not that complex but is simple. You just need to create a logo for @project-eleven that is attractive and will brand the project profile.

If you think that your handmade logo will be the logo to be used by @project-eleven, then what are you waiting for? Join now and show them what you're made of.

If you are interested. Search for @project-eleven or click the title above and it will redirect you to the contest post. There you can read all the necessary important details about the contest. 5 SBD is the guaranteed minimum prize!

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