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A Steemit Janitor is different from a Steemit Janitor

I must admit when Terry said it first I did not understand it and I asked what it meant. Terry's answer was this.

while one is busy cleaning daily, the other mining with minds incessantly and is beginning to understand the concept, "dirt is good; ask the soap master

He calls this the Steemit effect

The show started 12:00 Midnight and I was having some problems with Discord as all channels that I was in was reported to be having issues.

Yet Terry arrived and the general chat became alive. We knew that tonight's topic was "The power of a Steemit post" which is a great because we see it all around. We see people having projects that change other people's lives.

We see Steemit posts that inspire people and make them do things that they would never think would be possible.

Just take a look at this project that I learned in today's talk. OUR FIRST PROJECT ON THE BLOCKCHAIN- EMPOWERING THE NIGERIAN CHILD TO EDUCATION

Our target is to distribute writing materials (exercise books, pen and pencils) to primary and secondary school students in Abuja and Abia state, Nigeria, as a gesture to inculcate both reading and writing habits to the students and celebrating Children's day with them, thereby heightening the value for education in their hearts and minds, and also spreading the good news of Steemit.

As well as this great project by a local artist CREATIVE STREET: MANILA was a success !!! I

is such a fun and joyful experience !!! Sharing the blessings among these children is so heart-warming. Seeing the potential from each children gives us greater inspiration to pursue this kind of activity. The smile and laughter from the group keep our hearts on fire !!!

Such is the power of your Steemit post.

A lot other Steemians shared their personal experience in the power of Steemit post of building their confidence and achieving a dream of getting their passport renewed.

I recounted about my personal experience of wanting to quit at times and yet would find myself reading Terry's post and it was as if he was talking to me and giving me strength to continue on.

It is as if the post was a message to me to not give up and continue Steeming and dream building with the rest. Life is hard, getting your work recognized by people are hard, building communities and understanding people are hard and sometimes you set yourself with disappointment and pain but that is okay. You can get up and dust yourself off and go forth and still build.

Make each post a step towards your dream and make yourself shine and become the awesomenest version of your self.

People will start to talk about you. People will see that leadership potential, of realizing you are an influencer, a true celebrity, a whale inside and then they will be your true fans even if you don't have the Steem power yet.

Steem power now is at $3.02 and what will you do when it is $30 or a $100. Each SP we get today will be more valuable tomorrow.

So post, curate and comment on your fellow Uloggers and be awesome and see the potentials in them.

Be like Terry and give and share your votes. That is it we should have a #beliketerry movement where we stand to be unselfish and kind to everyone. To believe in their worth and humanity not because the post is great but because the human that wrote it is great.

I want to #beliketerry

Now in each of these Talk with Terry shows someone always shares that makes us inspired. Last week was @mermaidvampire as she talked about her health condition and what ulogs meant for her.

This week for me it was when this whale inside of a steemian named @lordjames said this:

You know energy do flows. @maverickinvictus has been motivated and energies by Terry and @maverickinvictus in turns have motivated a lot more. I remember when I first met him in promo mentors. And the energy that flows through him. So you see, when you let your own light shines, you are unconsciously letting others do same. 

And Shine we will. We are going to be our most awesome version and show the power of our Steemit posts.

Till the next show then.

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In all, this captured my mind. It's time to rise and be unselfish and show the love by being kind. It is a tedious task and it is one I'm ready to embark on.

A Curation doesn't necessarily mean an Upvote, a Resteem is also a Curation for me.

Time to become the awesomest version of myself.
Stay amazing always @maverickinvictus, you are such an inspiration working tirelessly to ensure the Discord channel runs effectively.

Everyone has something to offer.


I saw too the "human" in you @nexrules 😁. So be it #beliketerry too with a "golden heart" 😍


Thank you Bro and keep being awesome as well and an inspiration to people. It is not easy as the pull of having a scarcity mindset is strong in us but if Terry can do it then definitely we can do it. #beliketerry

I wish I have a power like you'res.
Pass it to me.


You can shine in your own way. To be yourself and be the most awesome version.

let your light shines, you are unconciously letting others do same

This is so true @maverickinvictus, motivating every steemians will make your own light shines . I see you @mavrerickinvictus, following the path of sir @surpassinggoogle. In the near future you'll be a great leader, a leader with a heart.


Hahahahha I don't think I'll be able to reach what he has accomplished but all I can do is #beliketerry and help and spread what I can to those who are in need.


haha no one knows sir mav, nothing is impossible:)

I really appreciate your acknowledgement to @backtoschool sir.
You were a huge inspiration to us and we pray for more success to you sir @maverickinvictus.

This is our new page update sir,you might want to take a look.


Hey no problem if there is a way for me to support initiatives like these I am more than happy to mention them.


Thank you very much sir

A good response to what we have learned last night @maverickinvictus 😁. And i love the "happy" part of singing @surpassinggoogle...he is a true talented "lodi"! So be it #beliketerry 😍.


Yeah Terry was awesome belting some of the old school RnB hits of Neyo, Usher and others. It was really a fun time!

From yesterdays discord talk with big bros. Terry @surpassinggoogle i learnt that it is good to try nonsense. Most times nonsense may lead to best sense. Thanks


Sometimes to make sense of the world we have to try the nonsense and as you put it, it May make the best sense.

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Buti naman hindi lang pala ako... Di ko talaga gets akala ko nong una ko mabasa may typo lang parang magkaiba ang apple sa apple 😅


Lol ako rin kaya need talaga iask hahahhaha kaysa naman sa mag mukhang tanga lol

Better to ask and be informed.

may i ask for the discord link


You can join the Steemgigs Discord server in this link


Thanks friend


If There is time please to visit my blog

Wow! Great work maverickinvictus! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 34min with 318 votes.


That's amazing!! Thank you for the information! Never been in the hot pages before lol

I joined late last night... but you give the summary of the missing conversation. Thank you so much @maverickinvictus for sharing.


Thanks for joining even late and being there in the afterparty!

Be like Terry and give and share your votes. That is it we should have a #beliketerry movement where we stand to be unselfish and kind to everyone. To believe in their worth and humanity not because the post is great but because the human that wrote it is great.

YES! I don't know who this Terry person is and even though I don't, what you have said here is the greatest thing that you have pointed out. Sometimes a person that writes great content doesnt always come up with something as great as the last. But that person still has worth and encouragement can mean everything to that person :)


Terry is a whale supporting some communities in the Philippines, Nigeria and Indonesia.

He has made it a point to spread his vote and votes to almost a thousand accounts a week.

He inspires and great tags to help people and builds their confidence.

He knows that not everyone can be curie level and yet knows that they should still be encouraged to be in Steemit.


Right on! Thats awesome and very big of him ^_^

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Yes we should all aspire to #beliketerry

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i support this movement...1001%, #belikeTerry