#STEEMGIGS: I will organise a successful social media campaigns for your projects and also nice theme song

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I will organise a social media marketing campaign for your projects with the help of @project-atlas and see to it that your project gets that massive publicity it needs and deserve to become a successful one you've been dreaming off,the organise campaign will get to your targeted different individuals with our "A-methods and also our professional skills we got while promoting.

Project Atlas are group of networking individuals that promotes projects through social media marketing campaigns - The term atlas means map or mapping of a location. 

The duty of project Atlas is to take your project from one map to another and get it all over to every vicinity with the help of intermediary to reach users which is the social media. 


We have organized and successfully completed a lot of social campaigns for project, you can take a look at our steemit blog ( @project-atlas) and check out most of the campaign awareness we've done for different projects. 

and also be reminded that we've been the brain behind twitter steemit monthly campaign, 

This usually takes place every month and this April campaign would start on 23 ( you can join us) 

We've been getting a lot of feed backs from twitter users and brilliant results the out for each of our campaigns - the recent we did

came out with 14 million plus Impressions amd reach which really is a mind blowing if you ask me.

 The project Atlas with the help of crowd promotional force, uses our professional twitter accounts to campaign about your project,teach,educate, enhance and answer questions of the projects from (audience currently online ) with the help of tweeting session alongside the campaign for almost fee that is free,

and like the rest successful campaigns we've carried out, yours will be more successful.

#### I will deliver a good music of any type for your projects 

of any type for your projects 

A tour around my profile will make get aware of what i cam skillfully deliver. 

I am a versatile musician/artiste and i have done a lot of songs aside the blockchain. 

When i found and heard about the blockchain technology i said to my self, How can i use my music as an influence for blockchain adoption? so i swing i to action and did some couples of crypto music for different projects - through this way i can deliver a good sound track or a project them song for your project to be used for any related project activities. 

For a nice and well package lyrics, you can always count on me as i know how to pull that trigger, common man its my profession. 

So the blockchain world gave me an insight of what the future would be and i dedicated to always get involve in the p. blockchain gospel to show my dedication and believe and also my commitment, though more of this crypto music are on its way **but if i can get alot of support-finacially, physical eyc, encouragement and endorsement, music can be a weapon in fact to wreck havoc in creating massive awareness for such project if the song is properly put together with a very good message and nice lyric as music hits the soul. 

You can support my vision and dreams to get more crypto songs out their to the the entertainment industry and the universe in general - we can do this more than we imagine -

### Always ping me for that inspirational project theme song and i am it your service as always 

This are some songs i have done for different projects for awareness creation like smartcash and steemit also steemgigs, you can use the comment box to lay down you emphasis and thoughts, meanwhile don't forget to show some love let the crypto music gets every where






Professional theme Music or for project (Mixed and mastered) - 40sbd

Organising an awareness Twitter campaign - 30 for seven days

Price: Starting at 70 SBD

Delivery: 7 day(s) 24 hour(s)


A proper campaign to get your project out their to the right audience and also a professional theme music for your project.

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This is so amazing.


Thanks for taking the time going true this, i very much appreciate, that tear drop got me-thinking about creating something unique.

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You really touched me with your steemit video! Specifically, this video should have reached the moon.

I see someone passionate and talented.


It should have really, i was surprised it didn't make it to the Trending page, it died very closed to my profile. but the truth is that if that was appreciated more i would have done more really.


Steemit is like a sea, to be seen in this ocean we need to send signals, be present through the comments and join various groups in discordapp. Build relationships

Look also at the use of labels, if we use a label of our own, we will only look at it and lose the opportunity to be seen. For example, when you released the video three months ago, you used a tag that says video, it might have been relevant to use promo-steem or steemit etc.


yea you are right but then the promo-steem initiative has never began then, but anyways I'm tryna create something iconic on the blockchain, ☺ i really appreciate stopping bye.
and i will keep doing more of the same.

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