Blob Dungeon

in steemgg •  2 months ago

Blob Dungeon - Waiting for approval

Warning: This is really early access. Everything graphic you see is a CC0 placeholder.

You're Blob, the hero of the Slime nation. You've locked away many villains and placed them into your dungeon as punishment for their evil deeds. However, some of them want to escape, so you've decided to kill them off before things get any more dangerous.

I'm in touch with a pixel artist who will create the art assets. When the game is finished, I will work on a "Super Blob Dungeon" version and release it on Steam.

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Fixed all of the glitches I could find and added two more levels.

Pretty cool! Approved!


Thank you! In the nick of time! I just updated it to get all the levels. Yesterday it still had lots of glitches and it only had 3 levels. Getting more soon enough.