Steemgar and you - everything you need to know to start playing and winning Steem!

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Steemgar is based on a popular game called, to hone your skills between Steemgar matches you can and should play there.

The aim of this post is to arm you with knowledge about how Steemgar service works, where the rewards come from, how to play, rules and some other related info. Let's start.

When can I play?

Matches can be joined at every xx:29, xx:59 minutes each hour. So as an example these are all match starting times: 11:29, 11:59, 12:29, 12:59, 13:29, 13:59 and so on...

Simple, yes? That's all you really need to know. 48 games a day, two in a hour at xx:29 and xx:59 minutes. But just in case below is more info:

So as you can see you can play Steemgar every 30 minutes. @steemplayroom makes an announcement post 6 minutes and 30 seconds before the match starts and the site also provides you with info on when you can play.

If match has ended you'll get these two messages at steemgar site:

Match has ended! Wait for new announcement post. The game will start again 6 minutes and 30 seconds after that.

There will be announcement post every 30 minutes - Last announcement post was made : 20 minutes ago.

If announcement post has been made you'll get this messages at the site:

You can join the match once announcement post is 6 minutes and 30 seconds old - Announcement post submitted a minute ago

So, we wait a bit. You should already be logged in at this point by the way. Steemgar handles logging through Steemconnect V2 so you don't have to trust Steemgar as we don't touch your precious keys.
Once announcement post is 6 minutes and 30 seconds old join button will appear. Click on it once and you'll be entered to the match!

But wait, how do I play Steemgar?!

In Steemgar you control a cell with your mouse. The objective in the game is to grow to be the biggest cell in the game. You can do this by eating food and other, smaller players than yourself.
So it's eat or be eaten world.

The match lasts 7 minutes and top 3 in the end gets rewarded. Each player has couple respawns, but this is something that can be changed. Since Steemgar is in beta, we're still in a phase of testing what feels right.

Keys to play

Mouse to move.

Space to split your cells in half. The splitted parts will be shot forward and this can be used to eat other players.

W to fire mass from your own cells. This can be used to speed yourself up, bait other players or to grow one of your cells bigger as an example.

What to watch out for?

Other players! If they are bigger than you, they most likely will want to eat you. So watch out.

Other elements in the game:

Food (these are small random colored dots)

Viruses (Big green dots) - if you are bigger than a virus and go over them, you will be splitted. So be careful. Smaller players can use them as a cover.

Mass from other players (original player colored) - everyone can eat these, they will gain you more mass than food.

I'm still not winning any matches. HELP!

The start is important, focus on eating food as fast as possible and try to get some early kills. This will put you into a good position to win the match.
Always think of your position in the board and what size you are compared to other players. Positioning is important in this game and knowing when to be agressive and when passive.

So don't give up, Steemgar requires skill even if it is simple but after a match or two you'll already have a chance at winning matches and getting Steem by playing!

Where the rewards come from

Top 3 at the end of the game will make automated comments to match announcement post. These will be then voted by @steemplayroom and @steemgartrail accounts. If you got these votes, you have been rewarded by Steemgar! But thanks to the community that's not all.

There are individuals that have decided Steemgar is worthy of their support. Most supportive one being cryptoctopus. These people follow the votes of @steemgartrail through a service called steemauto and they'll reward you after 30 minutes of creating winner comments, so be patient.

However, trail votes are something that cannot be relied upon 100%. See, these individuals also vote on other stuff and their voting power can go very low. In order to protect their voting power from running to 0% they have placed voting power limiter on trail voting, for example 70%.

So if their voting power is below 70% at the time they should be casting out a trail vote, you will not receive it. This can cause situations where top 1 and 2 positions will not get rewarded but 3rd player will get their vote. In a case like this you can join our discord and post the link to this post at #missed-trail-votes channel.

This way those following the trail can do manual votes, if they so choose to. Remember they are supporting Steemgar, they don't own you or me anything.


Before you join the match you should know these.

No teamwork allowed, of any kind! Getting caught will cause you to be banned!
Don't try and alter how the game works in any way, this is also bannable offense.

How can I help Steemgar

You could tell your friends about it, make a post about Steemgar or just play and have fun.

Also remember to join our discord:

And that's it. Just try to have fun and keep the game fair for everyone!


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