[New author's introduction] Why I have to introducemyself? Wait I am gonna tell you

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I need to introduce myself because this is my first ever post on steemit.

Hi everyone

I am Nihal Pimpalkar and I love to be part of steemit family. I am a engineering student from India.

What I love to do ?

1. Painting

2. Making ceramic

3. Book reading

4. Playing Cricket

Movies, music, tv series, etc......

My Professional Interest

  • Network Marketing.
  • Bitcoin , cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Technology Related Research

What you think what I will gonna do on STEEMIT?

I am gonna share Intresting & helpful content , articals related to my Professional interest.
Also I am gonna post my all new creation of ceramic clay arts , paintings.
As i read lots of books I would like to share short summery & motivational thougts from books.

Who inspired me to come on STEEMIT?

One of my favorite youtuber @moneyguruu and many youtubers video inspired me to come on steemit. They introduce me this worldwide platform to share my own creation of arts, painting and many more.

Thanks for reading and commenting! I will read comments!
If you find any improvement then please let me know.

Thanks, wishing you to stay always SMILING!


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