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Hello Steemit,

It's always been difficult for me to introduce myself. I want to acheive so much in my life so that I don't need introduction anymore. I want people to recognize me by my work. Until that time comes, I am Eknoor Khosa.

An international student in Canada. I am studying Computer Information systems here. And, the best hopes are that someday I will have a good job in IT. For those who read Computer Information systems will feel that it's a good field and that I have a bright future. But let me tell you every glittery object is not gold. Securing the future and meeting the present needs is all what youths are working for today. And I believe Steemit is really helping them by giving a platform to their work.


I came from a very small village from India. I was a very intelligent student in my school and I usually top in my class. Everything seems easy then. But I had big dreams. To do something unique so that world would know me. That's the reason I developed my skills in various fields.

I was very much interested in physics and maths that developed my interest in astronomy. But due to some reasons neither I could continue that interest nor I could leave it. Still, I am pursuing my interest as a hobby. Right from my childhood, I am good in drawing and painting. I never created any masterpiece but whatever I made I got appreciation for that. But it's very hard to make out time for this interest in such a busy life.

What I liked most is my ability to write. I can write really good articles and poems. This is what I am known for. I can create my own content with perfection and I did write several poems in punjabi and some short poems in English. And there is one more talent of mine that is photography. I don't know when I developed this talent. But I do have it.

I think right now you think so what actually I do. I am doing Computers but love cosmos with interest in photography, drawing and writing. And that's what makes my introduction hard. Because even I don't know what I want.

Right now I am jobless. I tried several jobs but I am looking for an office job which I am not getting because I am lacking experience. So surfing on the internet I found steemit and wondered if it is the platform I am always looking for. I read people's review which describes it a candle in the dark. For me I think it's the Sun in the night. I have struggled a lot and still struggling, getting and loosing hopes but I always believed in me. That I am the one who can make my life the way I want it to be.


I believe if we don't fail, we can't succeed. To know the success, first we should know the failure. We learn from everything. I try, fail and try until I success is mine. It;s hard to keep patience. But victory lies ahead of it. I hope that someday my patience will also bear fruit. There are lot of people like me in this world who are confused between their intersets or not getting opportunity. I ust want to say one thing to them if something belongs to you, it will come to you sooner or later. Your actions will only determine how soon or late you get that. So always keep trying and moving. I hope somewhere, someone may be benefitted from this.



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Hello Eknoor, and welcome.
You've already come a long way, hope you reach the destination you'd like to reach.
What technologies do you specifically like?

Love your photos, you are great.

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