Steem Flag Rewards Report - 8 Flagger Post - 2019-04-09 05:16

This post triggers once we have approved flags from 8 distinct flaggers via the SteemFlagRewards Abuse Fighting Community on our Discord

Flaggers have been designated as post beneficiaries. Our goal is to empower abuse fighting plankton and minnows and promote a Steem that is less-friendly to abuse. It is simple. Building abuse fighters equals less abuse.

Would you like to delegate to the Steem Flag Rewards project and promote decentralized moderation? Here are some handy delegation links!

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The following witnesses are providing significant delegations to support the SFR mission. Please consider giving them your vote for witness. Steemconnect links included for convenience.

The following witnesses have shown considerable support and dedication against abuse. Please consider giving them your vote for witness. Steemconnect links included for convenience.

The following have shown considerable support and / or dedication to the cause and deserve a mention. Check out their blogs if you have the opportunity!
@mids106, @crokkon, @freebornangel, @slobberchops, @steevc, @underground

Flaggable Posts

LinkRewards RemainingCategory
NSFW link0.002 SBDcopy/paste, porn spam
Comment7.022 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment5.042 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.002 SBDcopy/paste
Comment0.021 SBDspam
Comment12.029 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment12.028 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment5.108 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment5.107 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment10.494 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment5.061 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment4.601 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment10.378 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.077 SBDspam
Comment0.001 SBDspam
NSFW link0.007 SBDcopy/paste, porn spam
Comment7.093 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.069 SBDspam
NSFW link0.008 SBDcopy/paste, porn spam
Comment10.549 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment9.982 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment6.624 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment8.398 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment12.474 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment11.337 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment6.871 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment11.497 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment10.88 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment12.254 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment12.253 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment6.384 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment6.581 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.294 SBDspam
Comment10.172 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment10.171 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment9.047 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment8.342 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.063 SBDspam
Comment0.316 SBDspam
Comment11.666 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment10.185 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.031 SBDspam
Comment10.324 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment10.323 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.005 SBDcopy/paste
Comment0.3 SBDcomment spam
Comment0.002 SBDspam
Comment11.181 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment11.581 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment11.58 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.316 SBDcomment spam
Comment10.269 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment12.749 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment7.615 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.312 SBDspam
Comment0.011 SBDspam
Comment16.051 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment15.398 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment15.399 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment9.532 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.004 SBDspam
Comment10.241 SBDbid bot abuse

Comment@wehmoenbid bot abuse
Comment@pjaubid bot abuse
Comment@smartmemebid bot abuse
Comment@boingerbid bot abuse
Comment@trump3tbid bot abuse
Comment@flagawhalebid bot abuse

Mission Failed!

Reward removal at: 50.0 %

SFR Leaderboard

FlaggerSBD AmountRankImage
themarkymark289.522 SBDF9 100 Tril
mids106230.626 SBDF9 100 Tril
slobberchops128.203 SBDF9 100 Tril
gamblingman65.754 SBDF8 10 Tril
jacobtothe30.173 SBDF8 10 Tril
kalif29.804 SBDF8 10 Tril
ipromote29.669 SBDF8 10 Tril
steevc28.934 SBDF8 10 Tril
enforcer4823.139 SBDF8 10 Tril
admiralbot22.438 SBDF8 10 Tril
rabbitbot18.404 SBDF8 10 Tril
imacryptorick18.376 SBDF8 10 Tril
upboater17.787 SBDF8 10 Tril
noblebot16.04 SBDF8 10 Tril
anthonyadavisii15.91 SBDF8 10 Tril
freebornangel14.03 SBDF8 10 Tril
tushy11.523 SBDF8 10 Tril
rollingbones10.818 SBDF8 10 Tril
owllc9.754 SBDF8 10 Tril
revisesociology9.621 SBDF8 10 Tril

If you feel you've been wrongly flagged, check out @freezepeach, the flag abuse neutralizer. See the intro post for more details, or join the discord server.

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