Sharing the Filmmaking Process - Tunnels of the Shadow People #15

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The Cricket Tunnels.png

A couple of hours past midnight, Ted was out filming on location, in the tunnels. He wakes up at crazy times, these days, so I guess he considers it morning.

What follows, is a Skype convo between Ted and I:


Just got back from filming

Few unexpected events - batteries in my vlog camera were dead - crickets were insanely loud in the tunnels - stepped in water mud hole and now I've got swamp foot

I couldn't imagine not being able to produce 1 video a week - I'm ready to film some more :)


sounds like an adventure to me


It was! Doing my least favorite part of the process, right now...
Transferring the data to my CPU
Looking forward to our chat!


me too :>)



I had some minor continuity issues with the stuff I filmed - I refuse to re-film though. It's good enough and will use it as a learning experience. Only if it's a huge issue, will I film something again.

Perfection is a fools game.

I will treat your footage the same way.

I remember, years ago, freaking out over the position of an umbrella. That Ted was a fool...

The above was from THWOT

I want to be quick these days, instead of perfect.


Putting some clips into the editor - Shouldn't take me too long to edit my footage
Then I can start thinking for my footage for episode 2


and thanks for giving me something to blog about today ;>)


Yw ;>) half way done with the edit


I remember that - in those umbrella days - I was editing. Using an editor called Lightworks
and then my computer almost breaking down during an edit gig I did for someone else


Do you need an image for your post?
I think my footage will run about 1.25 minutes, so combined with yours, it'll be close to 3 minutes for the first episode. I like that for a first episode


an image would be sweet


What kind of image - tunnels? mid shot? my dumb head?


Surprise me


Give me about 30 minutes


sure no rush

Instead of going on and on about the above, I wanna say a handful of things:

As soon as Tunnels of the Shadow People goes online, Ted and I plan to churn out at least a video a week. Nevertheless, to be able to make that happen, we can't be perfectionists. This is a two men show, after all.

In the past, we often fell into the trap of perfectionism and overthinking. Ted struggled with OCD and I struggled with his OCD as well as with my own insecurities. We have outgrown that though. These days we do things for the fun of it.

For your information: THWOT, that Ted refers to in the above conversation, was the first project he and I worked on together, back in 2013. Its full title was The Haunted Woods of Terror. And - although - I spent a day filming a first episode - we never released it, nor did we continue the project after that particular unfortunate day. The following teaser is all that remains:


THWOT was fun for a while, then lost its fun. Things got / we made things way too complicated. Luckily, we learnt to quit working on projects when the fun has gone. These days we try to change things around though by working out a way that it will stay fun for a while. To enjoy the process a little longer and have something to show for it.

We don't strive for perfectionism any longer. We make it a two men show ( so we don't have to wait for / depend on other people) and we give each other the creative freedom that we need, feeding on each other's energy, in a symbiotic relationship.

It also helps to actually share the process ;>)


I received the image above this post by email with the following comment by Ted:

"This didn't make it into the edit, but it's a decent image"

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So glad to see things moving along, I was worried after the green screen thing there were going to be a few weeks or months without progress. I think both have you have come a long way from those days, it's easier to make something you (and others) love when you can have fun doing it!

EDIT: And I like the scenes that show the guys different expressions on the haunted woods clip.


Hi there buddy. Always nice to have you stop by on my timeline.

The green screen is still delayed but it didn't stop us from moving forward. In fact, I spoke story with Ted again, today. Suffice to say that it was fun.

Glad you liked ( part of ) the THWOT clip. I actually - almost - lost a friendship over that, but that's an entirely different story, that I might share with you on Discord, one day ;>)

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Nice to read the transcript in between you and your creative collaborator...

Totally unlike me then XD Although I totally agree that you need to have fun with what you're doing and stop if it's not fun anymore and isn't likely to regain its fun (because sometimes some of the things involved with the fun thing aren't fun but you need to get through them to get back to the fun stuff).

Sounds like you're a good partnership :D


I couldn't say it any better ( only shorter ) ;>)

Yo @vincentnijman I just finishing watching that video of The Haunted Woods of Terror, I liked that moment at 0:37 when the guy suddenly appears, I wonder what was that red thing that was kind of tormenting him?


That's a long story and I think Ted would have to answer it. I will try and get back to you later :>)

Hello @vincentnijman, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Muito obrigado!