Shooting a thrash metal music video

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I’ve had a blast shooting the first music video of 2020 with mighty UK thrash metal outfit Shrapnel


We shot the performance section of the video in which we lit a studio room with 2 x 600w LEDs which were also used with honeycomb filters to gives a solid directional beam of light.
We also used some holes in a wooden board and shone light through to give an interesting visual pin-hope beam of light effect.

The band were both completely professional and incredibly hilarious.
Their headbanging was solid. No wonder they were knackered after 3 minutes solid.


For their on screen presence I wanted to focus on the details of the performance with claustrophobic and erratic closeups of them performing - which will then be intercut with narrative shots which I hope to give a cinematic ritualistic/cult feel.

I really look forward to editing this!

The band also gave me some sweet swag. Love it. It’s not often I get CD’s anymore so it’s really cool of them.


If you’re in to your thrash, go check them out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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That is a superb name for a thrash metal band! Right en-genre, and I get that was fun!

Takes me right back to my metal-days!


You've just converted me to emojis!

600w LED, bunch of small leds or one led light source? i have yongnuo 300 and it is really hard to make it directional.

We had 2 x 600w led lamps (with directional honeycombs) as the primary light source but also a 300w led panel which we put behind a board which has small holes in. Had quite a cool effect.

Sounds like fun, 3 minutes of head banging makes you knackered? Hehe.. made me chuckle

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I personally don’t fancy 3 minutes of whipping my neck about, but watching them do it and sweat afterwards is quite amusing

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