SteemFest 4 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada?

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Old Montreal


Montreal Notre Dame Basilica


Mount Royal


Montreal BioDome


Montreal looks amazing! I'd love to go to Canada someday. I do believe it won't happen because accommodations and such might be way more expensive than in the cheaper European countries and that's one of the biggest costs after a plane ticket that has to be paid per individual. I believe that's the main reason so far it hasn't been planned on the North-American continent so far.

I'm betting Roeland is seriously looking into Asia from what I've heard, which is (at least after buying the ticket) so cheap I guess we could almost have accommodation included in the SteemFest ticket price :-) Just guessing here, it's fun to think about. We could finally see all the amazing Asian communities at SteemFest as well, so much is happening over there.

(Oh, and from what I read from Roeland he already started scouting within a month after SteemFest and promised to announce it earlier this year so we could all 'plan ahead'... So he might already have a semi-serious idea of where we'll go this year :D)

I really really really hope it’s Asia. I’ve never been and it would be a great excuse to travel there. Chiang Mai or Kuala Lumpar would be awesome !!!

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An interesting video and photos, I would be very happy if the SteemFest 4 will be held in Montreal!

Montreal would surely be an interesting choice (although damn expensive from where I'm flying). Might be fun though, as one of my dearest friends is a student there so that could make for a sweet trip.

Count me in! We can car pool!

Nice article, and nice parrot!

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Absolutely! Montreal would be a wonderful choice. I'll be there in early September but would be more than happy to go back in November. This will be my third time back and the vibe is about as close as you get to Europe without crossing the Atlantic.

That would be pretty cool.... both literally and figuratively...
Very chilly in November.... maybe Tremblant will be open for ski by then?... a STEEMFest ski excursion would be awesome!

And the brilliant Canadian cannabis laws would be refreshing too

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