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Going to SteemFest2

Today, I am leaving Vancouver to go to France first, then to Portugal next Tuesday to go to SteemFest2 in Lisbon.

I am currently at the airport, where I had lunch with my wife.

I had to line for 40 minutes to pass security.


Now, I am waiting to board at the gate. The airplane is supposed to leave in 1 hour.


I will arrive in Paris CDG airport tomorrow morning at 8:00AM, after a flight of 9 hours and a half.

I will go to the Paris office of the company I work for, Adacore.
It is only fair that I visit them, as they are paying for my airfare.

I am very happy to go to SteemFest2 and to meet with many Steemians.

If you go there, I would like to meet you.


You must be in France already :) Hope you had a good flight! Looking forward to discovering your updates on the SteemFest!

I hate air planes and the lines and suspicions of airport security even more. But have a nice trip! I guess that you are used to it with all the travelling you do.

Take care and enjoy!

Good flight see you soon in Lisbon!

Oh good grief, you are going too! Aw it would have been fantastic to meet you!

I hope you have a great time Mr C!

Have a safe flight! Take a good rest to be prepared for Europe.

Have a nice travel..

That sounds like a great trip (minus all the time in the airplane). I can't wait to see posts from everyone at steemfest coming up. I am sure you guys will have a great time! Thanks for sharing this part in your journey. :)

Safe travels and look forward to seeing you there! @wolfcat and I are on our way (we hope) soon. :)

Safe travels, hope to see ya there!

Didn't know you were coming. See you there !

Fly safe and enjoy SteemFest.

Have a safe and fun trip. Bring lots of photos back...

Have a very good flight and a fantastic steemfest. I hope you can make a picture for my daughter with her art piece..I would be very happy.

have a nice travel and good luck my friend.

Enjoy your travel my lovely friend.

Have a safe trip and please keep us "home bodies' updated with pictures and information!

Wishing you all the best there, Have fun
Hi @vcelier, I decided to make a contribution in my little way to SteemFest 2 through my Act of Creativity, but it got no publicity. I would appreciate you checking this out, and letting me know what you feel about it. Thank you as you do.

happy steemfest!

You guys have fun there, next time we all will meet in person :) Have a great time!

Safe travel and see you soon in Lisbon.

I will fly on Wednesday via Berlin and Hamburg.

Life is beautiful !! my best wishes for your trip my friend <3

it sounds like you will have a great time in steem fest!!

Hey man if you arrive today hit me up, some steemians who are already in Lisbon are gonna have some beers tonight :)

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