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Yesterday, at the LX Factory

Yesterday, November 4th, I went with @velimir at the "Art at SteemFest" event, at the LX Factory.

Here are some pictures I took, some with comments, some without.

Many people took this picture

One of the most interesting photograph, by @ultravioletmag

Lunch with other steemians

No comment


In front of a furniture store


Inside a bookstore

@velimir and myself through the [looking] glass




:-D Your post triggered my souvenirs! I remember going there five years ago, and loving all these artsy shops and crazy murals. Here is one I especially liked:
ScreenHunter_1218 Nov. 05 11.15.jpg

Amazing photos! Interesting to see the first one and where it came from as I used this image in one of my blogs
The image I used was from Great to see its origin! Thank you :)

No comment is a comment. :P

Yes, it is, but not a huge one.

hahaha, Vincent! An awesome photo of us! Hope you arrived safe to Paris. Cheers!!!

Some of these are pure art, or at least so I find them!

It really seems you are having so much fun @vcelier. Lisbon SteemFest2 is something I know I missed. But I will definitely go next time. Thanks for the good job you are doing keeping us updated. Enjoy!

very nice, thx for the post... regret that I didn't make it this year..

Looks like a fun time

Hi Vincent, very glad to meet you in Lisbon!
I'll keep reading the stories of you amazing life ;)

Excellent shots - like the quote on the wall - or maybe not really like but it is a touching one.

Have fun at Steemfest mr @vcelier.
Also make some more photos to share with us that are not there this year.
Keep it up!!!

Interesting photos. You have a good time. Good luck.

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