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RE: STEEMFEST3 - What A Treat!

in #steemfest2 years ago

It was suuuuuuch a blast! Ahhh, im sad, so sad that its over! You know its like the vacation you never want to leave, perfect world with awesome people! 🙏 We see you on the road for sure, Flipping the coin is not for us! 🙈

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Good thing we're both off on other "vacations" 🙌 It will be SF4 before we know it, but plenty of adventures before then. For sure see you out there somewhere 👊

sameeee so sad!!! I didn't even get to talk to you guys enough =( ugh so much happiness and so much simultaneous disappointment that steemfest didn't last for a straight month so I could talk to everybody on a deep level haha

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