Support for Steem Fest³ Travel Reimbursement Fund

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3 more days and Steem Fest³ is live. Many Steemians have already started their travel journey or are in preparations.

While I'm somewhat lucky that my flight from Germany to Poland is not that far, my fellow friends from the US, Asia & Co. have to travel quite a long distance. Besides time, flight tickets are also more pricey.

SF³ Travel Reimbursement Fund

However, there is an amazing initiative called Travel Reimbursement Fund aka the @t-r-f account. All donations to this fund are being divided equally among participants who are asking to be reimbursed for travel towards SF by applying in person.

The most important piece at Steem Fest are the participants aka my fellow Steemians, especially those coming from overseas. So thank you for taking the risk!

300 STEEM Donation

And to show my support, I've donated 300 STEEM to @t-r-f.

I really hope it can make a difference, especially in this bear market.

Additionally, all liquid rewards of this post are being donated as well once it has been paid out.

If you want to support the fund as well, feel free to upvote this post AND/OR send a donation directly to @t-r-f.

So with that said: I hope to see many of you in person at SF³ in a few days!

All the best,

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

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Proud of you brother

Wow great sir. We are also proud of you @thereawolf sir..

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where in any community can you see such a good act like this, I don't know any crypto community doing this. May God bless Steem community

A great idea... I hope everyone has a great time at Steem Fest!

That's very kind of you, thanks!

Awesome! Thank you :-)

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Really wanna meet you man.

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That would be something worth a ticket for the event alone. Cheer for your kindness although I'm not attending the Steemfest. Keep us updated what's the fun there!

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awesome, actions speak