SteemFest Random Photos

in steemfest •  2 years ago

Hello everyone... For some personal reasons (some of you know why) it took me too much time to edit all the photoz i took in steemfest, I didnt even touch the videos yet...

Here is a sample of them.. I would normally comment one by one photo, but i will make it eventually as soon as things cool down a little bit in my personal life. Thank you all, it was a pleasure to meet all these steemians, and i wish we had more days to meet every single one of you. But there will be a next steemfest for that.. so no worries :)

All the photos, are free to use of course, and you can use them for whatever reason you want. I will send the whole folders, in @roelandp, so dont you dare to vote his posts... He deserves it.

I will upload them in total random order...

Thanks a lot to @blueorgy for hosting these images.
Anyone wanting to have the full resolution copy of a certain image.. just pm me on @steemychicken1

I cant wait to meet everyone again... :) thank you all.

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You are the best!!!!


thank you Maria

great pictures! looking forward, thank you!

Very awesome. Looking forward to seeing more photos. These are great!

Great Collection of Photos! And hosting these was my pleasure :)


I, thank you :) make some space... more are coming ;)

Brings back some good memories :-) Also I think you are a very talented photgrapher. Thanks for sharing.


yeah, next time we must make it a week... or at least 5 days.


Absolutely, we all quit our jobs and just become fulltime steemfest participants :-) That would make this world a better place, wouldn't it?

Great photos! Can we relieve that weekend all over again?

Amazing - lets spread the word

Supermegacool pictures, Ioannis!
Where have you been that long?

Had one of the best weekends in my life with you and @eagleboy...
Everything is memories, whatever happens in life we still have those to keep with us.

Great photos and document of SteemFest #1 @steemychicken1!

thank you! very alive photo

Great photos @steemychicken1! It was a pleasure to meet you and look forward to seeing you again ❤

That's incredible work! I just got back home and online today and missed this post earlier. Thank you for all your help and supporting steemfest in the ways that you did! The photos are amazing and after almost a month it was a bit dose of nostalgia for me! :D

Omg what did I missed :(

I really enjoyed these photos, well worth the wait!

I think these were the best pictures so far. I really enjoyed watching them!