The Long Trip Back and other SF4 stories

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I’m struggling to upload images today using the busy dapp.

The wifi at the hotel can be a little iffy and this is my second attempt at posting tonight.


I bailed in the bowling as I was too knackered to go through with it.

The event looked great and the food was awesome but I’m not really into banging music.


Getting to the event this morning was a case of following everyone else and hoping for the best.


@lukestokes seemed to know the way and so we followed him on to one boat and then another along with 15 other miscellaneous Steemians

You do have to have some dexterity to get on and off these things and I’m sure there are accidents


One bad move and you could be swimming with the crocodiles and picking up something nasty if not eaten.


Still it’s an effective way to get around the city and cheap too.

The boats remind me of trains and can set off at breakneck speeds.

Photography can be tricky if this happens at the wrong time

We arrived at our destination after a sticky walk of around 1.5km after disembarking.


The AC was a welcome relief but the lack of free WiFi not. Things were just kicking off.

Rather than repeat what everyone else will tell you, I will present you my point of view.

There may have been 150 people or maybe a little more.


It was all little formal to start with while Steemit Inc took the stage to present their vision.

If they deliver then I’ll be a happy chap.

Their track record in the past has been poor but it sounds promising.


@anthonyadavisii sought me out after arriving in the afternoon.

Despite the massive heat he seemed to want to wear a lot of clothes.

It could be his military training but he seemed oblivious to it not appearing to be breaking even a sweat.


Despite his attempts to amplify @enforcer48’s discord audio voice by way of a tin can he had to concede defeat.

The lunch was quite epic and my first real taste of Thai food.

I have to say it was a massive improvement on some of the SF3 food we ate last year.

The toilet facilities at the event for the blokes unfortunately did not stretch to allow reliving ones bowels.

The ladies had it good while us dudes had to walk to the nearby massive shopping centre after lunch.


I don’t really want to stretch this topic any further but I would like to say that hygiene in this area surpasses ours in the UK.

I also don’t want to make this post a tag fest though I could. I’ll leave those kinds of posts for later.

@revisesociology and myself took off before the bowling started on a lengthy trip back to the hotel.


When it’s rush hour you can forget cars and tuk tuks.

We tried to negotiate a price with one but he balked when we batted him down to 50 BAHT from 200.

The train seemed like a good idea and at 23 BAHT each and 2 stops later we calculated that it reduced our walking time by a whole 6 minutes.


After a 45 minute walk we arrived back after walking over numerous overpasses and down several dark alleys drenched in sweat


On route, I did check for cheese toasties as @nathen007 told me to ‘experience one’ at 7/11. Maybe they had sold out so I’ll try one for breakfast tomorrow.


There’s another 7/11 around the bend from the hotel. I need to know what I’m missing.

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It's great that you finally met @anthonyadavisii. I'm sure you had a lot to talk about. I expect he will be collaring a few whales to try to get their support for SFR. I saw Mr Blocktrades is there again.

To be honest the thought of getting around a place like that would be a bit scary for me. A little outside my comfort zone. I would be tempted to walk, but then I expect the heat makes that hard. Is @revisesociology going to do any running?

Anyway, I am sure you are pacing yourself. Keep up the reports. I don't know when I will have time to watch any videos.

I did pound out 8Ks on the gym treadmill a couple of days ago. That was tough.

Hopefully it'll be easier near the beach.

What with the humidity and heat it's not a walkers climate, let alone one for runners.

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I can imagine the heat would not make it easy, but I saw you were taking running kit. Have fun.

There’s no running here, it’s far too hot, though @revisesociology seems to like these 45 minute walks.

Getting transport and not getting ripped off is something you learn after a while. I’ll hand out some tips shortly.

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Hey I did a couple of rounds of the river bar but couldn't find you so assumed you left already!

Got a cab back with Wombat.

Great seeing you again, have a nice couple of days, and catch up in the UK next year at some point!

I need the beach.

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We looked for you but could not find you anywhere. Shared one with @bubke in the end, good to hear you got back Ok.

Have a good one down on the islands!

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It was 2am in the morning for me when Anthony wanted to start that roundtable discussion.

He is super enthusiastic and talking to lots of people. You should have been asleep, what were you thinking!

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Sounds like you are having a hot time there SC.

I saw you on the live stream a couple of times. Keep it rolling.

It’s hot but the AC was good at the event venue. Very different experience from last year.

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Will be interested to hear more about the food provided as well.

Have some snaps on the food, it’s been outstanding

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wonderful images even if you were tired out when posting. Sounds like a great experience!
@tipu curate

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What an adventure man!

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It’s exhausting, not sure I want to do another Steemfest.

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Sounds a bit hot for me. I am sitting in my office right now looking out at 1 to 2 inches of snow! Which is honestly pretty crazy for the beginning of November. It sounds like you are having a good time. I would have loved the bowling. I am horrible at it, but I always have a good time when I do it.

I bailed this time, was simply too jet lagged and still haven’t fixed my internal clock.

Snow? Blimey I doubt they have ever seen that here!

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Thanks for share your memories

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Your welcome 😁

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Awesome update. Be careful in those dark alleys!!

It’s surprisingly safe, or appears to be. No sign of hooligans or gangsters whatsoever 😁

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Well that's fortunate! Glad you are pacing yourself ;0)

Hi @slobberchops
I see that you are having a great time, I regret that I could not attend.
But I don't lose that hope of being able to attend one day,
Have a good time friend.

Lanz Joseg

Thank you 😊

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HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Hopefully 2020 won't be as scary as many expert are predicting.


Sounds like you had quite an adventure! I am not a big fan of sweating buckets, myself. I get miserable in too much heat.

So did it seem pretty empty with 150 people? It looks a little sparse in the photo. I have no idea how many people usually go to these things. I would have hoped more!

It actually isn’t that bad with just 150 of us here this year. It is a nice sized group that makes it easy for everyone to get to know each other.

There was a decent turnout, my snaps don’t make it look so. Enough time to speak to most of them.

There was over double last year.

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My wife and I have yet to ride on the boats. We still don’t know where to get the tickets for them or how they even work, lol, but we became experts on the sky rail system yesterday. We rode in a couple Tuk Tuks too and those are pretty fun. I don’t think you will get much wiggle room on the price during rush hour though. We were only able to get 50 baht of the price last night when we left the bowling alley. I am looking forward to the weekend where we can spend some time just exploring the city for a while. I will have to agree with you about the food being a lot better this year than last year as well. Everything has been amazing this year.

You pay while on the boats, they have conductors with helmets and masks who are extremely dexterous and hang from the edges almost falling in.

They all seem to be female too. It’s an experience you should take while here.

I have tried the trains too, great fun!

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How come I still haven't seen you??? I think I have tried to talked with like, as many as I have come across.. Hopefully, see you tomorrow! :D

Hehe think you still have that feeling when SF4 is over😎 did have the same feeling after SF3. Allthough the nice game from @arcange did help a lot to meet as many Steemians aspossible. Is the hugging doing the same this year?🙃

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The hug posts are a little rampant, I wanted to put a little more substance in my story.

I have had some hugs too, Its just a bit of fun.

I remember SF3 being over and that feeling. It will be the same here.

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The hug posts are a little rampant, I wanted to put a little more substance in my story.

You did a great job there!😎 I really hated it for not being able to come over and see everyone again.
Did you survive Bangkok?

Any extra plans for scouting the area after SF4?

I did an expedition with the @travelfeed crew but it’s was not a success. No doubt you will hear it from them before me. I write slowly these days.

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I did see you but you were surrounded by lots of people. Tomorrow I’ll hunt you down again!

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Or I will hunt youuuu lol Let's see. Don't scared of my laugh. It literally doesn't poison but people do get annoy of it lol See you tomorrow! :D

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