SteemFest³ - Who will I meet at Steemfest in Kraków, Poland this year?

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Finally, last week we got the great announcement that Steemfest will take place in November of this year. And the only question that's resting is..


As usual, you will find my arse at the check-in, handing you your badge and whatnot with a steemy smile and build-up excitement for the next days to come.


I have never been in Kraków before, and once again is Steemfest the perfect opportunity to widen my horizon and explore the polish streets.

I haven't checked with anyone I know yet, but I am definitely forward to meet y'all (again) @nanzo-scoop @surfermarly @jaybird @dan-atstarlite @themonetaryfew @diabolika @progressivechef @mammasitta @bitrocker2020 @aaronleang @ @heyitshaas @juliank @anomadsoul @pechichemena @paintingangels @meno @gtg @timsaid @meanmommy33 @meister @robrigo @saramiller @everlove and many many more <3


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer and I am currently on my world trip which I am exclusively blogging about on Steemit! :D There is not a specific goal to my trip other than to have fun, discover places and unravel the secrets of Thailand, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. Follow me on my adventures!

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Me! Leuk!


Yay! Dutchies in Poland :D

Heyho @sjennon, I'm passing by to thank you once again for the upvote week, it's been a huuuuuuuuge support on my posts!

As for the Steemfest, I'm working as hard as I can to go all the way from Brazil; I'm trying to sell a bunch of random stuff for the tickets. IF that happens I'll make sure to pay you as many beers as you want hahahaha


Ah, that's great! I am happy to hear that things went well <3

Let me know how it goes! I would love to get them beers! hehehe


Wohoo high-five. I'm now participating on the @steemfestdreams competition to win a plane ticket. Let's keep on wishing with loads of positivity and you'll have your beer soon.

moi! very excited!


Yeees! I am looking forward to meeting you :D

Me and @missmau will try to be there!


Wohoo! Would love to meet you guys!

Was really hoping for Houston, Texas this year. They mentioned it last year but I guess I'll keep waiting for a US steemfest.


Yeah, I can imagine. I don't recall they mentioned it, but it was definitely looked into. Unfortunately, the US turned out to be really expensive - we could've done it, but then also would've paid triple the price for a steemfest ticket to cover for the costs. For that same money, we can get a whole lot more in cheap ass Poland + flights. I am looking forward to meet you there still :D

Of course! See you there! :)


Awesome! Maybe I'll even see you before during the Berlin meetups!

I'll guide you to the best spots in Krakow.... Looking forward to see you this year.


Yes please! Need to explore that city inside out!

It doesn't seem like I will be able to make it this time around.


It doesn't seem like
I will be able to make
It this time around.

                 - meno

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


What no :(

🙌🏻 looking forward to that! My first time too to SteemFest.


Yees! You coming for sure? :D


Hope all goes according to the plan 😬

Not happening this year :( . I live too far and I can't make it work on an economic level.. hopefully next time !

I will be there but not at the gates because my wallet is too small and I can not leave work until friday: but i come for one legendary night to krakow and I am looking forward to meet many many awsome people there :)

Peace from Hamburg!