See You In Kraków!

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Yeah that’s right. I’ll be attending STEEMfest in Kraków! I Finally decided to make it happen. It’s a decent journey from this small set of islands in the north of Norway. Tickets purchased, it’s 100% happening 🚀.

I’ve put many hours in over the past year learning about the STEEM blockchain. If you’ve followed my blog since the beginning you’ll know I tried to learn as much as possible while sharing what I learnt along the way. I've worked on a number of different projects during my STEEM journey. Many of my projects inspired and helped other STEEM apps.


My current primary focus is @finallynetwork ( simply put a website builder that uses STEEM blockchain data. Secondary to the network is Finally Comments ( a STEEM blockchain based comments plugin. My aim with coming to STEEMfest is to find out how best these projects can help creators.

So who’s going? Let me know if you'll be there and lets catch up!



I'll be there Sam. I'd be interested to chat about my Writcoin idea at some point if you have a spare hour. I have no coding/dev experience whatsoever but I'm keen to learn from those who do and get an idea if my idea is possible/achievable.

Anyway, I'm just looking for advice at the moment as the idea is based around an SMT so can't be developed until Q1 2019 at the earliest and probably more likely the summer/fall of 2019.

Maybe we can catch up around a few beers with the rest of the #sndbox members who are attending?

Nice graphic Sam. Can't wait to hear about your Steemfest adventures!

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! That's awesome!!! I thought I had already hit maximum FOMO, but it's now been smashed up a whole nother notch. Hope you have a great time... and you should being SteemitFamous for all your dev work...

Ahh yeah mate would of been ace if you were going! haha not sure about SteemitFamous but keen to meet a bunch of people.

Have a great trip!

Thats pretty cool! Hope you will gain some great new knowledge and connetions! Look forward to your blog about steemfest!

Awesome ! See you there

Yes mate! Will be cool to have a chat.

Nice to see you going ! Wish I could make it but it is a long way from the west coast of Canada.

Yeah that's pretty far! Maybe there will be a non-europe one in future. I'm closer but still its taking me three flights and an overnight on the airport floor to make it 😅.

Awesome, going to see you there ;)

ahh thats cool mate! Good to know your going!

Exciting man, all booked and it's happening. Absolutely smash it and make some noise with what you're building with FINALLY. It looks great and excited to see the progress over time and supporting when you get to release :)

Will see you back in Lofoten to hear how it all goes!

Keep Being Awesome,
One Tech Traveller