[Steemfest³] Where will be Steemfest this year ?

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Yesterday @roelandp changed the name of the Steemfest² Telegram group by Steemfest³ ...

This makes me feel that announcement about Steemfest are coming soon !


Steemfest is coming

The more days pass, the more questions the Steemians ask themselves: will Steemfest be back somewhere in the world this year?

Last year, @roelandp announced Steemfest² around May-June. And it seems that the previous year as well. But this year, we are already mid-July and nothing has yet been announced.

As soon as I meet Steemians, the same question comes up: "Do you think there will be Steemfest again this year?

According to the success of the two previous editions, it is clear to me that Steemfest³ will be an even bigger event than It has been before!

My personal experience about Steemfest²

When I first joined Steemit and I invested all my time and energy on it because I would believe that it could really change the world, I had only one idea in my head : going at Steemfest to meet all the Steemian in real life !

I remember publishing only one photo during Steemfest2, to share with you the joy I had when @oroger and @martibis won the Hackaton for Steemitworldmap.

But other than that, nothing, nada, quedal. I was fully living the experience so : no more computer or mobile phone to blog !

Then, when I came back, I reacted the same. As a well-kept secret, it took me time to land from one of the most incredible experiences of my life... I had not published anything in particular again.

Maybe because everyone was publishing one or two posts a day about Steemfest and their experience ? I don't know. For me, the experience was so intense that I couldn't shared it online just " like that ".

Should you or not join Steemfest ?

Steemfest is an event I recommend to everyone! It's a life changing experience.
And don't trust people that tells you that "Steemfest is not an even for people like you because you don't make more than a dollar per post".

Steemfest is for everyone : blogueurs, developpeurs, curious people, investors...

We meet incredible people, we discover personalities, projects, a way of thinking, of living completely different, perhaps from what we are used to know in our surroundings and daily life.

Will I or not join Steemfest³ ?

Since I came back home, I've been waiting for one thing: to be able to go back!
But the days have passed, and the wait is getting long.

And the place remains so mysterious!
Where will this even be in the world ?

Yesterday, @roelandp changed the name of the Telegram group from Steemfest2 to Steemfest3...
And he announced in this one that this week, he would finally reveal the place of Steemfest3 so much awaited!

I think that I am going to Steemfest³ no matter where is it. I know that many people can't come anymore because they says that's too late to organise anything. I know that this even will be more amazing than the previous one and I really can't miss it ! I know that I want to travel and this will be another amazing opportunity to do it !

So, please, @roelandp, hurry up ! We are all super excited to discover when and where it will be !

And see you in few months !

And last but not least, let's play a little game : Guess where will be Steemfest3 !

Where in the world do you think Steemfest will be organized this year ?
Guess well by replying in the comment and get a full upvote if you guess well !

I will have to wait until @roelandp announce the exact place to upvote your comment and you can't play as soon as he unveil the location!

Good luck everyone and see you at Steemfest !

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I say it will be in Poland.


Where in Poland?


I don't know




Ohhhh @jeanpi1908 !! That's @gtg 's wife that would be happy if it's in Poland !!! 😆
Never think that could happen there, especially not during the autumn- winter !
But let's see ;)
Are you coming this year ???


It's depence where it is. I think poland because it is cheap and has some great places to organise partys.


OMG How did you even thought about that ?!!!!!!!
That's the last place I would have imagine :D
Anyway! CONGRATULATION for the perfect guess !!!!!


I just thought Poland was a good place where I also would have made it.


you are a true mastermind.


WOOOOOOOOOW thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
(He was faster than what I expected :D) I thought he would have published it on friday :D)


I'll see you there, I have my flights booked 😀


Wow, that was fast. Nice!!

I see there are some in Poland? Are there any Steem events in America? There have previously been some in Las Vegas, New York City, and Florida. Please let me know if there will be!


I am not from America so I am not really aware of that... @jfitmisc
But there are meetups everywhere !

Malta...Giant step have been taken by the government of Malta towards turning the country into a major blockchain and related technologies hub.


I'do Malta ... they also have this crazy fireworks festival (but I think it's in March)


That's a great idea @hms818 !
Never thought of it ! But yeah!! Why not :D

i guess las vegas


hahaha would have been amazing ! @viraldrome

I guess Tallinn.


Oh that would be great ! Love that City and everything is pretty cheap there too ! @joythewanderer

I sadly don't think I will be able to make this year's Steemfest, wherever it is. I am in Toronto for the Steem Creators and SMT conference early September and I am on vacation in October. It depends on the dates, also the funds.


How about November 7–11? Hope you can make it!!


SMT conference ? Is it the Smart Media Token Conference ? Never heard about that... @gmuxx
Sad you can't come.
And about the funds, can't you power down a bit ? Or make a fundraising ?

I wonder where it is :P hahaha see you there!!! Will be my first ever Steemfest, so excited :D


You are coming @redrica !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Can't wait to see you !
Coming with the girls and Mr Love ???


Yes I'm finally going to my first ever Steemfest :D

Will just be me coming, so I can relax and have fun ;)

We missed the Steemfest in Lisbon by two week - this is actually how we found out about it in the first place. We heard about the Fest before we even had an account. Seeing so many people attending I figured the Steemfest platform must be for real. Signed up and I totally emerged into the SteemWorld. Eager to find out where it will be this year because I'm going, no matter what :) Hope to see you there.


hahah I love your motivation " no matter what " @for91days ! I was thinking the same ;)
Hope you enjoy your steem journey so far ! :)


I think I'm enjoying it too much - hope to finally meet some of the Steemians and to get the @travelfeed @cyclefood @de-travelfeed to come too.

If it's down to earth I would guess it would be down under and that is Australia...


I thoutgh South Africa ;-)

I suggest they sync it with the launch of SMTs. It must have some news coverage too to make it an event of some repute

I would echo everything you said here. Looking forward to the announcement.

My guess is the US somewhere.


Us.. Us ... That's what they all says.... @eroche - I love US, it's ok for me. But for most of the world it will not be easy to get a visa and the cryptos stuff are not well accepted there...... Let's see !

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