Steem Fest 4: It's official! I'm going!

in steemfest •  11 days ago  (edited)

Here I go again!

That's right!

I'm excited to be part of this great event one more time!

SF4 ticket.jpg

I'm looking forward to meet new people and to see others I've met in previous editions. It's our annual meeting, we don't see each other a lot. It will be great to spent some quality time with a bunch of steemians! I know for sure some nice surprises will take place whether in the event itself (usually courtesy of @roelandp) or via side events. Last year, @arcange 's scanning game and @detlev 's beer night were the most interesting and fun, imo. Let's see what happens this time.

Steem on and see you in Bangkok!


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Niiiiiiiiiice! Welcome aboard! Steem on and see u there :-)

:D See you soon!

I will be happy to see you again @rmach and why not have a !BEER together 😀

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Wow steem fest will be amazing now

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