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RE: SteemFest²: Bridging the Gap Between Perception and Reality

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Thank you @lukestokes for getting some information out for us. It is sorely needed! I am still left with a lot of questions about people being able to game the system. I will be looking forward to more information from you and others so I can phrase my questions without seeming ignorant and hostile. Fear of losing this wonderful platform before it can fly can make my questions and assumptions sound harsh. I am looking forward to figuring out how to tokenize my art!

edit...I know how hard the team has worked but didn't know how hard they were working on steemit social platform. This info really helps my anxiety.


I know there are a lot of people who see the amazing potential here and want to see it take over the world right away. The reality is, we're just getting started, and there are a lot of things which are far from fully understood ranging from the economics, to the technical realities of a blockchain-based social platform. I'm confident the team is passionate and committed to doing great things here.

The economic issues are fascinating to me. I see so much of what is happening in the fleshy world happening here on steemit. It would be so cool to figure out an economic system that can't be gamed easily and gives an even playing field for all of us to thrive or fail. Plus I am so excited about the crypto world where banks and hopefully the wealthy can't control us common folks.

It really is one big amazing experiment. I hope we find some secrets which help improve the world.

Exactly, this is why I am staying through thick and thin, I am learning so much about our world through the steemit experiment.

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