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RE: SteemFest⁴ update: Conference Venue day 2 location - Steemit team represent - New names - Ticket Competitions

in #steemfest4 years ago

I believe he's on a remote Pacific island carving guitars 🎸 out of drift wood,
surrounded by hula girls and drinking champagne out of coconut shells.

Only problem... no 'head and shoulders' out there 🤣😉

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Sounds damn fine to me, everyone from Steemit Inc appears to be attending.. except....

Yeah, it's how I envision my retirement 🤣... In my dreams

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P.s. Check out this video from @steemmatt for the lowdown from Andy @slobberchops

His parody videos are honestly the funniest things I've ever seen on steem. This post has a selection of his best. Check out the first one, berniesanders interviewing Ned about STINC's power down. That had me choking on my dinner with laughter. And the one about Llfarms sexy photoshoot is hilarious too

Ill look later, at work now! They just wont get it.

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