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Happy Monday Steem Fam! Hope you all had a lovely and restful weekend. I sure did! I took a short little break from Steemit and Discord, and took some time to do some silly but important to me things. I had loads of reading to catch up on today, and I saw that @anomadsoul had started the topic "Three Fun Facts About Myself". Such a fun topic, and I can't wait to read everyone's posts!

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Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 22.05.31.png

Yaaa, I dunno either. 🤪It was one of those spur of the moment, not too much planning ideas. The tattoo artist I went to had YUGE hands, and the small triangular shaped tattoo I had envisioned that was meant to fit behind my ear turned into a full blow gangsta neck tattoo. LOL. What can you do?



After Hours by The Velvet Underground - Trust me and listen to this!

I have a love for all kinds of old, vintage and antique things, from furniture and clothing to architecture and music. Some of my favourites include classics such as The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Cream, The Rolling Stones. I also love me some later music, anything from early punk like The Clash to spoken word rap reggae artists like Linton Kwesi Johnson.


carmen and kimmi.jpg

I grew up in a household of dog lovers, and while I have always loved all animals, I only got my first kitteh about eight years ago, when Mork and I first moved to Cape Town. I fell in total love with my girl cat and discovered how weird and cute they are. Now I am totally cat obsessed, and have my own two kitties, as well as two I have adopted at work.

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Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 23.46.25.png

The very first day I met my Kimmi cat

I can't wait to hear some fun things about you!



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That is genuinely fun! The tattoo sounds like "Hold my beer and watch this". I have done that a time or two with or without beer.


hahaha! I was completely sober. Just a little nuts.

First of all, i love your tatoo!! Second i must do too a road to steemfest funny facts, i plan to join the steem fest this year, it's too close and i do not want miss it. Hope to see you there my punk friend ^^ ( , i was an ex goth girl :P)


Thanks gurl! Yes, do the post! It's super fun, and a nice way to get to know all the people who are going to Steemfest.

Lol @ the goth girl, I think there are a few of us out there

Haha, I understand the tattoo dilemma. I went with intentions of having a small piece of my friend’s artwork tattooed on my arm during my psychobilly years. Wellll... now the entire right side of my chest and arm are a ridiculously enlarged version of it. But I guess we’re stuck with them now, huh? Haha, the way I see it, it’s just a marker and reminder of a specific time in my life.

Always fun to learn new facts about people! Also, you have excellent taste in music! :)


Hehehe oh dear!

I also view my tattoo like that! It was a fun and crazy time in my life that I think back to with love! 💓

I have a few tattos, but none on mt face or head, where i work is still pretty old school and that wouldnt go down well LOL


Haha! Yeah I to be safe make it small and inspicuous. So much for that lol.

I def don’t think my boss would have hired me if I wasn’t already in the company when he took over.

It’s sad how people judge others by their appearance VS their skills.


Yes it is sad that expletive have that opinion of tattoos, my co workers know I have quite a few but in meetings I wear long sleeve shirts and then all mine are covered :)

I love the vintage too <3, and the rolling stones are the best one!


Yeah!!! 💜

would love to see you therea s well if i make it. you were one of my first firends


Ahhh! Yeah, I think that’s the best part of steemfest, is to meet all the peeps in person. 💓

Hey dear Mam The Princess of dreamland, thank you for sharing your secrets and fun facts about you, it's awesome to know some crazy things like this tattoo haha sorry I don't want to spoil your mood, your love for old is gold melodies and your sweet mew mew.

Thank you, God bless you dear Mam.


Haha thank you my guy. I have loads of crazy secrets!

I came late to being a cat person too!

I love all kinds of music too, older as well, even older then you mentioned, old Jazz, Ragg time from the 19teens, even early music like the Renaissance.

I don't have any tattoos myself, just never felt like getting one, not sure why. This one is definitely a statement, it shows you mean business, and that business is being punk :)

Hi Princess I was going to have a tattoo at a crazy time of my life. I am pleased to say, I never went through with it. I did however get a nose piercing, much to the delight of my daughters. I love wearing a stud in my snout.

Awww. Kittehs! So cute. Cats are pretty punk too.
See you at Steemfest. :)

Hahahaha, the tattoo though. Bet you are punk as fuck deep down in your heart.

I got five tattoos by now! None of them beat yours though. I think I posted about almost all of them on steemit before but I shall make one of these fun facts posts - I wanted to do that for a long time now actually.

Can't wait to meet you at steemfest!

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I am so punk. Honestly, I just don’t give a fuck and what could be more punk than that?

I was a wild child back then but we all grow up. Now I mosh to deftones with my cats and a joint... sooo hardcore 😂

I also can’t wait to meet you at steemfest! Excitement level 1000

I love old music too and sometimes I don't like cat if the cat distrubing me when I'm working 😀 @princessmewmew