Steem Fest 4 so far........Day 1

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The time at the Fest has been going absolutely crazy. There's so much happening all the time it's exhausting but at the same time very exciting. After spending 2 days with all the speaker sessions and the last night crazy clubbing scene today is a day to relax down and explore the city.

All the sessions have been very interesting and I am getting to learn so much more and new. There's lots happening in the world of Steem and hopefully it's all working in the right direction. Tlhere was a live streaming happening of the last 2 days so that everyone could get the updates.

All in all wonderful arrangements done by @roelandp, @firepower and their teams. They did not leave any aspect of the Fest where one would need to worry about. Be it the sessions, food and drinks, entertainment, travelling everything was just so perfectly arranged and flowing smoothly.

Let me give you all a glimpse of our Day 1

We start our day by taking a Ferry to reach the venue for day 1 conference. We had to change 2 Ferry and then take a metro to reach. The distance was not very far and this was the quickest way to reach. If we would have taken a normal cab we may have got stuck up in traffic, and this was fun too.

At the venue, The Siam Society. A peaceful and a very serene place. Just very perfect for us Steemians.



The Leadership team giving insights on future of Steemit

Catching up with @livinguktaiwan and @goblinknackers

With @celestal, he is a very chilled out and fun loving guy

In the evening we visit to the Wat Pathum Wanaram temple. Roelan is now here the tour conductor guiding everyone through the streets and then taking the metro to the destination.

The temple was beautiful.

And we end the day visiting the bowling centre where again the dinner arranged was fabulous and we all had a great time.


This was end of day 1. Just the most perfect one.

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Sounds like a wonderful adventure! @roelandp is a fabulous tour guide. He plans amazing events, and I'm so glad you're able to take part! Have fun!

Thank you my dear @katrina-ariel, yes he is just not a fabulous guide but a fabulous person too. It was a wonderful experience.

Good to catch up with you, are you doing the cruse dinner on Sunday?

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Yes I will be attending and see you there :)

I'm confused is it over? lol

It was from 6th to the 10th of Nov

Ahhh you are gorgeous! So lovely to see your face and you enjoying yourself. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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Thank you my dear @riverflows. Yes I have been posting all about it and I am so glad I could make it this time.

It is nice to see the faces behind the steem usernames @nainaztengra and I am happy to see you meet them in person :D

Thank you my dear @cryptopie. Indeed it is a wonderful experience :-)

@nainaztengra - and just like that it was all over, .. time speeds up when yr having fun, ... nice to have met you!

Ohh so true, time just flies and all it leaves behind is wonderful memories :-) Nice to have met you too @goblinknackers