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RE: Steem: the smart person’s blockchain, but what about the herd?

in #steemfest2 years ago

@revisesociology Some good observation. I've been observing people from steem for second year, and I can only say that Steem helped a lot to take of mask but also as a bunch of people is that Libertarianism in it... As a ambitious filmmaker who is starting up I want to use all my skills to start create great bridge between two worlds starting up with traditional social media, I guess quest and film with great semiotics will be good start, long way to go though.

Btw I'm glad I've had an opportunity to talk to you on the closing party, even I was already after some drinks, after 5 days physically and mentally exhausted I still enjoyed our brief chat about Kant, Marx. It's been pleasure to meet you


I'm sure bridges can be built! Steem seems like a good place to do that.

Great meeting you too, even if after one too many. Maybe say hello when we're a bit less frazzled next year!

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