Steemfest 2: Inspired by @surfermarly ' s Dreams of the Ocean Charity - A reminder of what really matters

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"What's in it for me?"

Far too often I find myself in an egoistic attitude thinking: "What's in it for me?"

It's this kind of scarcity-focussed thinking that got human kind in the pickle we find ourselves in. It's all about accumulating wealth for yourself to have as much as possible so it will last for as long as possible. It's a constant desperate attempt to reach 100% security. Obviously the concept of security is just a concept and an illusion. Even worst: The more you have the more you can loose. So if you're living in a mindset of scarcity you're slave to your fear. The fear of not having enough. It's a dark place that scares you. In other words: Scare-City. Maybe it'll catch on :D

When it hits you

Life hits you with reminders of what truly matters all the time. On the first day of the Steemfest it clearly was @surfermarly ' s presentation about the first Steemit Charity "Dreams of the Ocean" ( 

Serving others

Do you know when you're confronted with truth? I'll give you the answer. Your body where your subconscious mind lies sends you one or more signals. In my case I felt a shiver up my spine, teary eyes and an expansion in my chest area. I'm here to give. I'm here to give hope and joy! No more scarcity-focussed thinking. 

No more: "What's in it for me?" 

Instead I ask: "What can I give?"

I have found my life's purpose. It's serving others.

For the last years I have been collecting tools that serve the purpose of empowering others. I realized three main pillars: Mental Empowerment, Physical Empowerment and Financial Empowerment. Mainly in the areas of Yoga (especially Kundalini Yoga), Meditation and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming I discovered extremely powerful tools to give the control back to the individual. I will be sharing all my findings not only here, but also on my website

I need you!

However this is just the beginning. And I can not do it on my own. I need your help. I aim to create a offline platform where people can exchange the most powerful tools dedicated to Mental Self-Empowerment, Physical Self-Empowerment and Financial Self-Empowerment. Something like a Conference. It's just sooo crucial to get together. I'm sure you have been in this position of disempowerment. There was a chronic disease that doctors can't cure or you feel like life is meaningless and you find it hard to get up in the morning. Maybe the most important thing is to feel understood. Realize that you're not alone. Realize that others have been in your shoes and managed to overcome the things you are struggling with right now. It's about time we get together and lift each other up.

Please let me know who would like to create something beautiful with me. A Self-Empowerment Conference! Send me a message or comment below if my message and idea resonates with you.

Sending my love out to all the beautiful people out there

xxxx Chaim aka Meister

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It certainly resonated with me man! Everything you said is just so true and I’ve been heavily impacted by this steemfest journey. I have learned so many new things and her presentation really moved me. Made me rethink how I look at things. Thanks for sharing this awesome post though!

I am in!!!! (clearly...) I see it like a natural evolution of last night's talk ;) You didn't come for beers with us,I lost you

Yeeessss!!!! :D Yeah, unfortunately we lost each other. Arrived safe and well back in Copenhagen?

Not yet,still on the bus from Hamburg agggkrrr... Soon enough!
Ok we will talk at the chat then for everything,yay!
See? Inspiration (and power ;) ) comes at the most une

Let’s get together tonight ❤️

...that would be cool...almost in Copenhagen now,still some hours to go

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Hey dhimayog! I appreciate your compliment a lot :) It helps me to keep on creating, keep on steeming ;)

Oh wow, what a statement! Thank you so much for the mention, it really means a lot to me that you felt inspired in such way. Awesome! Isn't that the essence of steemit?
Of course I had to resteem this :-)

Hope you will have a safe trip home, I've just arrived on my little island and will now sleep like a stone - haha!
It was a huge pleasure meeting you in person. See you around :-)

So happy it made you happy :) I will enjoy Lisbon for a few more days. My pleasure, Marly :D Good luck helping your dad. I might stop by on your little island (cool that you own an island, respect ;) ). You can teach me how to surf and I teach you Kundalini Yoga :D

I am amazed with the excellent post. thank you for sharing! I say success always! thank you,..... @meister.

Hi @meister, it's nice post. Please recommend this spot as the next destination of StemFest event > 😀😁😂


Was great meeting you :D

Hey Shannon ;) Great meeting you too :) I guess we meet on sunday? Or did you have to leave early?

Nope! I will still be here Sunday :D

Then see you tomorrow for the Yoga session ;)

Ha, maybe! I'd love to try it out once, but I will probably suck and it's pretty early too hehe

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The only way minnows succeed is to support each other and provide value to others. I think this mimics life. The whales, governments and corporations run the show but it’s the little guys who make the world go round.

A very humble inside . people like you are needed by all humanity who is in trouble if i am not mistaken @meister

Wow, nice post bro!!! Steem On!