Kraków, except that he is the man in the coat, who smokes, etc ... He is also a sleepyhead.

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Hello Monday,

Hello my Dear Steemers,

It is wonderful to discover a place on earth where you feel good, have great people and feel that this is a good place for you. I love Kraków.

Krak's stronghold is in the heart of every Pole.


Kraków, except that he is the man in the coat, who smokes, etc ... He is also a sleepyhead.

For a long time it comes to life, slower than Warsaw, Silesia ( Śląsk )or the Tri-City ( Gdańsk - Gdynia - Sopot )

It looks nice when the sun rises somewhere over the Beskid Wyspowy in the distance, church bells beat the morning masses and around them only tiny pigeon silhouettes circulate. You can not hear so much traffic noise, horns, sirens. The same Kraków falls asleep later, which is difficult to avoid in such an atmosphere.

These are nuances. Maybe half an hour, maybe an hour, but the bliss of Kraków is enough proof that Kraków lies in the ... south.

An old but very beautiful song about beloved Kraków

In the song about Kraków, Andrzej Sikorowski says "Do not take the capital to Kraków". He emphasizes that he does not antagonize Krakow and Warsaw at all, and the song is a kind of irony of the so-called headquarters, not residents of Warsaw. - because there is no resentment to the capital

Kraków is the home town of Andrzej Sikorowski, so it's understandable that he loves cities. But he also loves Zakopane and often goes there, although it is crowded and busy. That's why he is trying to go to Zakopane in November, when it is quite empty.

Pod Budą - Nie przenoście nam stolicy do Krakowa (1993) ( Don’t bring our capital to Kraków )

Złote nuty spadają na Rynek
I muzyki dokoła jest w bród
Po królewsku gotuje Wierzynek
A kwiaciarki czekają na cud

Czasem we śnie pojawi się poseł
który rację ma zawsze i basta
I uczonym oznajmia mi głosem
że najlepiej nam było za Piasta

Wielkie nieba co ja słyszę
Wielkie nieba co się śni
Wstaję rano prędko piszę
Krótki refren zdania trzy

Nie przenoście nam stolicy do Krakowa
Chociaż tak lubicie wracać do symboli
Bo się zaraz tutaj zjawią
Buntne miny, święte słowa
I głupota, która aż naprawdę boli

U nas chodzi się z księżycem w butonierce
U nas wiosną wiersze rodzą się najlepsze
I odmiennym jakby rytmem
U nas ludziom bije serce
Choć dla serca nieszczególne tu powietrze

Złote nuty spadają na Rynek
I muzyki dokoła jest w bród
Po królewsku gotuje Wierzynek
A kwiaciarki czekają na cud

Zasłuchani w historii kawałek
Który matka czytała co wieczór
Przeżywaliśmy bitwy wspaniałe
Nadążając jak zwykle z odsieczą

To się jednak już zdarzyło
Deszcz nie jeden na nas spadł
Nie powtórzy się, co było
Inny dziś w kominach wiatr

Nie przenoście nam stolicy.......
Nie przenoście nam stolicy do Krakowa
Niech już raczej pozostanie tam gdzie jest
Najgoręcej o to proszą
Dobrze ważąc własne słowa
Dwa Krakusy Grzegorz T i Andrzej S

Golden nights fall on the square
And there is music galore all around
Wierzynek cooks food fit for a king
And the florists wait for a miracle

Sometimes, in dreams, an envoy appears
Who is always right and enough
And presses with a scholarly voice
That it’s best to be at the Hub

Good heavens, what have I heard
Good heavens, what have I dreamed
I rise in the morning and quickly write
A short verse, three sentences

Don’t bring our capital to Krakow
Although you like to return to such symbols
Because they appear here now
Arrogant mines, holy words
And stupidity which until it really hurts
Comes to us with the moon in its buttonhole
At our place, the best verses are born in spring
And as if with a different rhythm
In our people, a heart beats
Though here, there is is a distinctive air to the heart

Golden nights fall on the square
And there is music galore all around
Wierzynek cooks food fit for a king
And the florists wait for a miracle

Listening to a piece of the story
Which mother read every evening
We were experiencing great battles
Always in time for the rescue

This, however, has already happened
Rain is not the only thing that has fallen on us
What has happened isn't repeated
It's different today in the chimney smoke

Don't bring our capital....
Don't bring our capital to Krakow
Let it stay where it is already
They request this wholeheartedly
Well weighing their own words
Two Krakovians, Grzegorz T. and Andrzej S.

The "Wierzynek" restaurant has been mentioned in the song. I show you a map and description if you would like to have dinner in the amazing atmosphere of this place.

"Wierzynek" restaurant

"Royal interiors and sublime menus - a meeting in Wierzynek is a perfect opportunity to get to know the real taste of luxury!"

"The most famous Cracovian restaurant "Wierzynek" was launched only in 1945 in Rynek Główny 16. However, according to the legend, in this tenement house in 1364 there was a famous royal feast which Mikołaj Wierzynek gave in honor of the guests of Kazimierz the Great, among whom they found are among others Roman emperor and Czech king, monarchs of Hungary, Denmark, Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia. As described in the chronicles of Jan Długosz, the merchant gave the guests of the king a golden tableware on which a memorable feast took place."




Kraków's thoughts, with a mug of hot coffee by @margaretwise

Cracow Atmosphere

I hear *Hejnał as I cross the Market Square,
then I run, in *Błonie, I feel freedom.
*Mound, imagination sees the mountains.

I love Kraków,
for a sausage from the booth,
Casserole from Kazimierz.

Only here, the homeless listens,
nice music from his radio,
and I am dancing on the market.

Busses stuffed, happy.
I see a man in a sombrero,
and another time a hunter.

I'm leaving Floriańska,
the sun is watching me.
Another moment,
to love this authentic city.

*Błonie - is a city park, created on a vast meadow - formerly there was a communal pasture.

Krakow has four *Mounds, which are inscribed in the City landscape. A great attraction for tourists.

*Hejnał - here you can see and hear what does it mean :)

A few photos from our last stay in Kraków - winter 2018:




Kraków is a city that impresses everyone. I'm happy to meet you there.

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How I wanna visit Poland one day! I would see the numerous lakes and old castles too! Museums and countryside!

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Beautiful photos my friend @margaretwise

brilliant write-up - I have to follow you more closely again :-)


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