My graphics design for Steemfest. 3

in steemfest •  5 months ago

Hi Steemians, I'd like to share this design which I made for the Steemfest holding at Kraków, Poland.


It's a simple 2D graphic design which I have made. It's actually inspired by my entry for a contest organised by @anomadsoul , @blocktrades and @sndbox


This is the original design. A drawn landscape art of a beautiful view of the city of Kraków, Poland.

The design is suitable for printing designs on t-shirts and full caps for the event.

Thanks for visiting my blog...Cheers!!

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Nice font design and a beautiful drawing of Krakow.

I just guess, you mixed up Steemfest3 (which is taking place in November) and Steemfest3k (which should reflect your vision of a Steem related meetup taking place in the next millennium).


Oh! thank you for this correction. I will effect it as soon as possible.