@wolfcat & @lovejoy - SteemFest² or Bust! - Pt. 1

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The journey to Steemfest²

It's good to bear in mind that when traveling one is always subject to the whims of fortune.

Well our flight to JFK is delayed for 3 hours now and so we will miss our connecting flight to Madrid.

We are staying entertained by playing ukulele and making up stories about how Harrison Ford will come to rescue us in the Millennium Falcon, or perhaps his private plane. ;)

We might have to subject you to a lot more of this so stay tuned. :P

By the way, because of the airline we are sort of stuck flying into Madrid as much as we might like to fly direct into Lisbon, so if anyone is driving from Madrid to Lisbon on the 31st, hit me up! ;)

We hope everyone else is having safe travels to Lisbon, and hope to see you all there soon!

Cheers! =)
@lovejoy & @wolfcat


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