SteemFest App - Your little helper for the SteemFest in Krakow

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You take part in the SteemFest and don't know the app created especially for the SteemFest yet? But then it's time. The SteemFest will take place on November 7/8/9/10/11 - Kraków

On the website you can download the app for iOS and Android and get more Informations.

Benefits you will enjoy when using the app during SteemFest

Offline maps
Don't get lost in Kraków, because this offline map has got you covered.

DIY Sights & Audioguide
Kraków's best sights and walk the integrated audioguide

Enable notifications and receive timely updates during SteemFest.

Interactive timetable
Check out the program minituosly and read details about speakers!

Connect & Remember
Scan fellow attendees' badges and follow on Steem!

Download the App for your mobile Phone
iOS DownloadAndroid Download

The SteemFest app is made by @roelandp (Organisation and Head of the SteemFest) and Developer/Witness on Steem @good-karma from eSteem Mobile.

I think it's a very good app not to lose track of what's going on and to keep in touch with the new acquaintances there quickly and easily. The Follow function looks very good.

In full anticipation of the SteemFest!


Damn, missed that one :D

Scan fellow attendees' badges and follow on Steem!

this is one of the best!!! thx, for reminder this app! cheers

Hab ich mal gleich gedownloaded.

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