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Literally in about a week of time I will be heading to Thailand. Not directly to Bangkok but first to just chill for a couple of days in the sun first. This means Steemfest is literally around the corner for all of us. Are you excited? With the countdown started it is also time to get the sikeyness rolling. This weeks topic by @anomadsoul : fears!!

For a lot of people spending a lot of time behind their computer, being in a group is not the most comfortable place for them to chill around. I am not one of those people. I mingle in easy. Maybe it is because I have moved around a lot and you have to let your guard down, maybe it is because I work in a social environment, I don't know...but hanging with people is a good thing. I don't like being on of these centre people, but you can always find me somewhere in the back having a casual beers and discussing with somebody on something. No fear on that.

For me the only fear that is actually an option is that this years edition might be disappointing compared to last year. And this is based on nothing more than that last year I came towards Krakow with a entirely fresh mind, open for eveything. This year I might have expectations because I know a tiny bit what to expect. Maybe fear will not be a big topic at all actually on this Steemfest even, because I am not attending alone. I am not enjoying myself, Bangkok itself will have enough to offer to just stroll around and make a plan on it's own.

Fear? Nehhhh, the most of it will be in the plane towards Thailand, when turblunce kicks in. That is what I call fear. The other realistic fear?

Waking up in a 'the Hangover' type of situation after visiting a shady bar where some ladyboy might spike my drink after shooting little birds out of her own little bird (a friend of my actually saw this once), yeah....that is a fear that is legit for Bangkok, and I will avoid big time have those kinds of things happening. Big city no one ;)

But for the rest? Fear? Nehhh, I'm looking forward to it!

Do you want to participate in this contest as well? Just follow this small set of rules:
You have until Sunday 27th of October to post about this topic
Use the tag #roadtosteemfest and #blocktradescontest so we can all find the posts and get to vote on our posts to help out our funding for the trip.
This #RoadToSteemFest initiative, just like last year's, will run until the previous week of Steem Fest. There will be around 16 topics regarding the #roadtosteemfest so make sure to try and join every one of them because...
...everyone who joins in on at least 75% of the topics, will be eligibile to win a big surprise in Bangkok. This surprise will be revealed later down the road and only people who attend SF will be able to receive it.
Remember, you have until Sunday, October 27th to publish your Fears post.

Waking up in a 'the Hangover' type of situation after visiting a shady bar where some ladyboy might spike my drink after shooting little birds out of her own little bird...

That's interesting. I'd love to SEE that, but no, not live it.
A friend of mine had a similar experience, but not by a was an American (scam) tourist in his case... Met on the plane, invited my friend for drinks at the hotel where they were both (accidentally...yeah right) staying. He woke up the next day with everything gone, passport, credit cards, driver's license...everything. Nice start of the holiday for him.

But no, it's not one of my fears...My fear is based on Murphy's law. But won't let the sucker beat me, I got this far....hotel, plane tickets booked, all I need is the SF ticket and I'm all set. Well maybe one fear: 11 hours on a plane with my kids hehehe.

@tipu curate

heheheh you will manage to get through that in its total in the end I guess. (the kids part on the plane I mean the he...the rest you will pull off like a boss!!)

But damn yeah, I really want to stay away from those roofie kind of settings, scary shit!

I sure hope so! I have been stupid and definitely FOMO'd my way to buying the airline tickets. They didn't have the ones I would have wanted and out of fear that the price would go up or something else crazy would come up resulting in me not being able to get the tickets, I went for the one flight I could afford on that day. Of course, the very next day they had the other one up again...
It would have saved me a few hours, I would have had better times (leaving late from Bangkok instead of losing a day) and there would have been a nice break half-way... Now our first leg is 11 hours! And it will be morning here, so I am really hoping they will sleep at least some of that...
Ah well, we can't have it all and I am just happy I made it. Two weeks ago it didn't look this good LOL.

Yeah, the roofie shit...Unfortunately, it's very often other (overstaying) tourists in Thailand. I am always watching my drinks, anywhere I go :)

I grew up in Holland, I was raised to watch my drinks hahahahahhaha

Yeah flights and prices..I really hate how this market on that is and you never know the real price on what something is and when you look a second is already up.....well you pulled it off at least! Is the fam also joining SF as well or just the vacay?

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Soooooo wanna wake up with a hangover after a night out with you!!

hahahahah with tattoos on your face all of a sudden and kanaries flying around :D

I guess we would pull the 'cure the hangover with a drink' tactic am i right?

Oh my god, the tattoos I could live with if you threw a few sexy sleeping men in with the canaries 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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