SteemFest Warm-up day. (Photos + Vlog 😊)

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They say Portugal has the mildest climate whthin the whole Europe. Yesterday morning I was freezing back in Brussels, while a light summer jacket is warm enough in Lisbon. I had a pretty relaxed day in Lisbon yesterday. Walking around the city brought all my memories about Lisbon back.

I do remember this 25 de abril bridge.

First thing first after arriving was to find a dessert shop. How I missed Portugese cakes!

I’ve spotted some Chinese characters. I guess there are a big Chinese community in Lisbon?

There was a kid saying “Hola” to random people on the streets from the balcany. This guy kept waving back “Hola” :p

I heard from fellow travelers that the best view of Lisbon is Belvedere of Our Lady of the Mount (Senhora de Monte). So I decided to check it out. Lisbon is a hilly city, there are intotally 7 hills in town, so it is probably the easiest city to find a stunning viewpoint. Successfully got there before the sunset.

Afterwards I went to HF hotel area and was lucky enough to see some Steemians, including @rea :) I wasn’t very familiar with all the user names yet, hopefully we can get to know each other sooner than later.

This time I tried out Apple’s new Clips app and I’ve made a short vlog here. Can you spot some Steemians you know?

Spot those Steemians you know here!
Quick Question by the way:

Just notice the new logo.... Since I’ve got a T-shirt of the old logo, should I still wear it? Ummmm, difficult situation.








刚刚改了Logo??我带过去的旧Logo Tee怎么办?好尴尬啊😅

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L'atelier en Ville - an Artsy blend of furniture / home decor / clothing / coffee

Polaroid is Back! Can't wait to test the Polaroid Originals SX-70 film.

Place St. Gery - my favorite area to hang out in Brussels.

My first Coffee Cupping experience at the Europalia Arts Festival 2017

Place Poelaert - the best view point in Brussels city

Les Marolles - a hip, trendy, lively bohemian neighborhood in Brussels city

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我也在思考这个问题,以前 logo的旧T到底还能继续用吗 😄

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They should give out T with new logo!!!
BTW, we should ask @nicolemoker to design new Tee!

用旧logo会不会显得与众不同 嘻嘻 enjoy fest

Hope you guys get t shirt with the new logo!

Well your t-shirt is a mark in the history of this ever-evolving platform!

Lisbon is a very fun city, enjoy Steemfest and the city while you are visiting there/

我剛扮完logo就換了 ><

Amazing. Desserts look delicious. Have a great time at Steemfest. I believe we will have a lot to read from your Steemfest travel diaries.

good post! jsut wear the t-shirt shows you are oldschool and started a long time ago on the platform! eventhough i think there only will be people with a high reputation score.
Have fun meeting everyone

Lisbon looks awesome good place for steemfest


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Steem 货币的 logo 依旧是那个,换的是 Steemit 公司的 logo。所以两者都没问题。可以看看这篇文章了解更多。

wonderfull! Have a great days there!

First picture is really suitable for the warm up :-)

Are you going to act out the new logo?

可以做紀念版,說不定他們會一直換、一直換、一直換 XD

Nice vlog. Lisbon looks nice. Did I see @hilaski and @anahilaski at the end there? They live here in Panama.

Not sure about the Chinese sign but we have found 'China Shops' all over Portugal! And a few people from Macau. Great post.

Amazing pictures!