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I've been following #Steemfest² for long. Today I finally booked my tickets to Lisbon, so officially I'm going to SF2 in Lisbon!



I've been hesitating if I should go, to be honest. Not because I don't like Steemit, I love it and I'm dedicated to it. Just because the Steemfest2 is from 1 to 5 November but I'm going on my Armenia-Iran trip on 5 Nov. It seems a bit harsh for me to fit Lisbon in between. Plus, the first few days of November are public holidays in Belgium, making it difficult for me to spot any tickets at reasonable price.

Nevertheless, with a few days hard searching, I've found tickets to go to Lisbon! I've written a few posts [1] [2]. If you are also interested in SF2, and haven't gotten the ticket yet, hope those posts can help you find your tickets to Lisbon too. Otherwise TAP Portugal is offering special 15% discount code for lucky Steemians who fly to SteemFest².


今天我终于订到时间和价钱都合适的机票,4号回来,5号又要飞了。预见到一个繁忙的11月了。如果你们打算也去参加SF²,还没找到合适的机票,我最近写了两篇如何找机票的帖子[1] [2]。希望有帮助。对了,葡萄牙的TAP航空还特地为SF²提供了15%折扣码,不要错过了!

My route: Brussels - Lisbon , Lisbon - Amsterdam

My trip on the Tripit app:



I've been so excited ever since I booked the tickets. I just got to know that some other Steemit friends are also going! I always enjoy talking to you guys on Steemit, now finally I'm going to meet you guys on Steemfest. If you are also going, feel free to let me know, I'm looking forward to meet you guys there.



It's been quite long time since I was in Lisbon. I love this city a lot. Here below I'd like to show my Steemit friends some photos from my trip to Lisbon, in order to motive you all to join the SteemFest² :D


Throwback time:


The Monumento aos Combatentes do Ultramar from outside the Museu do Combatente, the military museum. This monument is a remembrance of those who lost their life's in the colonial wars.



The most famous Number 28 Lisbon tram. It rides through Lisbon's hilly streets.



Vasco da Gama Bridge. The bridge is impressive and Padrao dos Descobrimentos, the monument next to it is a tribute to Portuguese explorers.



Steemfest lasts 5 days but Lisbon is worth a longer stay. If you have more time left after Steemfest and seeing the old town, areas near Lisbon are worth checking out as well.



Colorful Pena Palace is a Romanticist castle. It's located in Sintra, not far from Lisbon.


Cabo de Roca, the west point of European mainland. It's easily reachable by train from Lisbon city. Definitely worth a day trip.

又比如罗卡角, 欧洲大陆的最西端。可以花一天时间从里斯本过去看看。

Last but not least, food, porto and sangria! I liked Portugese food and drinks! Portuguese people love Sangria a lot, just like the Spanish. It makes sense because they both got great climate for wine and fruits.



Special thanks to those who organised and donated for SF², you guys made it possible for many of us to join it!

To name a few, but not limited to (not listed in order):

@t-r-f @abit @arhag @blocktrades @pharesim @riverhead @smooth @wackou @jesta @joseph @theprophet0 @richardcrill @knozaki2015 @ausbitbank @firepower @mariandavp @lichtblick @skapaneas @hitmeasap @kevinwong @ericvancewalton @walterj @edb @blueorgy @benjojo @kyriacos

Are you also interested in joining us to Lisbon for SteemFest² ?


Here are more updates for SteemFest².

Follow @steemfest

No Ticket Yet?

Win a Free SF² Tickets with @firepower

Win a Free SF² Tickets with @blueorgy


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I really envy you!. I do not have more holiday, i can not go. Enjoy it!!!!!!

Thanks, df5495! I feel lucky to have a lot of free time. Looking forward to it.

I read and said nothing


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I am so jealous! I wish I could go as well :D

No worries, sergiomendes, keep on. Maybe next year!

Let's hope so ♥️

Very nice! would love to make it, but cant. really enjoy steemit.
Enjoy the party and hope you wi meet more and new interesting people. love your account

Danku wel Haas! I'm looking forward to meet fellow Steemian there. Hope to see you next year at SF then.

Awesome :) have fun there !

Thanks for coming by, cannabissativa!

Hi @joythewanderer, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

I do not have more holiday, i can not go.

Thanks for coming by, beyrem

It's going to be so exciting!

I know! I'm so excited these days! Your Lisbon travel posts make me even want to go back more.



Congratulations. You made it with the challenges of getting tickets when it is somewhat peak travel period. Say hi to rea for me

Thanks ace la! Finally booked it. Feeling great. You not coming? I will do, for sure. Just knew rea is also going. Couldn't wait to see her myself too.

You are welcome. Too many reasons to not be able to make it.😎



soo lucky :) you can be the CN representative!!

I think maybe some other cn members are also going. It would be interesting to meet them.



How come you can always travel!!!!!???? Really envy you!!!

Hey guyverckm. I feel really lucky too. I think I just have some more free time now. Would make great use of it, travel some more.

Enjoy your good time and show to us while we are envying.😁

去去去 我也要抓紧买票了😭


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Have a great day!

You so lucky being able to go there! Lisbon looks great! :D
Have a great time there! :)

Thanks for coming by, Anna! I'm looking forward to it.

the best

Thanks alkhalid :D


@joythewanderer : I love traveling with @ steemfest. at least it will get the price tilt on Fenix Garden hotel,