Global School /SteemFest3 - Krakow 2018 (Part 2)

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Today while it was the last day of one of our IT Group, it was also the first day of steemfest where the Global School team presented the project in front of an international steem audience of enthusiasts joining from around the world.

The #steemfest is another occasion for Global school to showcase one of the purpose of its project the community laboratory or in short @com-lab. In other words while all the team is #busy networking, here in Vienna the local team is still working to manage the guest-house, the administration, the IT and communication to externalize what the team is experiencing there and allow them to keep focus within their #adventures in Krakow.

Here the photo reportage I received from @mammasitta.

Christoph Mann (@manncpt) presenting the Global School

Christoph Mann has been one of the first person supporting on a daily basis the project by finding local partners, spaces to host activities and by also taking in charge personally a number of small but important costs such as the renewal of the various domain names, food or transportation for the team as well as offered whenever needed a space to host the activities at HugInn Vienna the Head Quarters of Option2.0 (@opt2o). It is definitely one of the best person to present the project while he get through all the difficulties and has been supprting as he can to tackle each challenge from the very beginning.

It is thanks to support such as the dedication of Christoph that the project get so far. Thanks to such brilliant capacity to network we get the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people such as on this platform that we would not be exploring without his advocacy making us meet notably @nicoletta and @mammasitta. It is also thanks to Christoph initiative with the 1 on 1 talks organized for the one year anniversary of #steemit-austria that we got the occasion to meet Manuel (@gexi) who became from that time a Global School supporter, learner, cooperant and recently decided to engage further by becoming mentor full time while als supporting me in project management. An exceptional dedication which I have to confess is really supporting a lot not only the team or me but also the students who are all really appreciating his tutoring and mentorship skills. Today, thanks to such precious support Global School is for all the participants, supporters, followers and mentors a sandbox for participatory improvement with collateral and mutual benefits for its community and partners.

Christoph (@manncpt) and Manuel (@gexi)

While I am writing Manuel is at Steemfest, however he doesn't loose a minute and he is still at 23h supporting the administration team which is here in Vienna as he did all along the day while also netoworking, before and after his presentation.

While I am telling to some of our interns that every company would be really lucky to find them, it is also what I think about him, that is why I am particularly glad to count on him developing the Business Innovation Lab of the Global School. A project at scale to empower such brillant mind to share their sharp skills within a framework that enable a maximum of motivated learners to be inspired by such working attitude, competences and performence while also cooperating on new ERP tools to bring on the steem blockchain with the @com-lab platform.

Presenting Globalschool backstages

The team made us the honor to start the presentation with this picture of @mammasitta and me. :)

Time to eat

Lunch in the streets of Krakow



All the pictures of this post have been created by @mammasitta.

for the Community Laboratory (@com-lab)
& Global School (@globalschool)

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Thank you for writing this awesome post! I just came back to the Hotel after waking up at 6 a.m with @lizanomadsoul seeing your documentation about the SteemFest. We miss you here!


Thank you for inspiring it and for your performence there representing us! :)


We miss you here bro, next year we have to go together no matter what! :D

Wow cool, congrats for the presentation, looks really big, like a huge meetup 😄


Thank you! We have been really lucky indeed to find the support to go there and to present the Global School is also a really big encouragement! Yes, it look like a big scale meetup with a nice organization! :D


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