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The Last Leg of the #TeamHilarski European Tour is Booked.

We can't wait to see everyone again. Last year was amazing although we enjoyed the Amsterdam space brownies a little too much. Hopefully this year we can stay focused on biz!

Our European Tour Schedule.

Berlin Oct 11-14
Prague Oct 14-18
Vienna Oct 18-20
Florence Oct 20-23
Rome Oct 23-29
Lisbon Oct 29-Nov 6

We are tentatively scheduled for a meetup in Berlin but we would be happy to meet fellow crypto community members and Steemians while on our travels.

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Awesome that you are coming to Steemfest 2.0. Looking forward to meeting you there again Randy!


Yes sir, 2.0! I look forward to catching up.


Chris, not to hijack this thread, but I have opened tickets over the last month in regards to the status of blockpay. This was done on your website. I have received no response. I've checked your announcement thread on bitcointalk and you haven't posted anything there either. When can investors expect a status update and roadmap?

Nice tour, you'll see lots of grand old architecture and also steemit folks

I remember you from last year's Steemit. I never actually got a chance to speak to you but will hopefully rectify that this time round. All the best and look forward to seeing you there again. :)


Yes sir, we will be there for a full week so tons of time to connect.

Visa restrictions may prevent me from attending Steemfest II, but if I can be there I will be there. Hope to see you again.


That is exactly why we were glad it was not in the USA. We could not have gone. Hopefully the EU is easier for you.

You will love Prague if you haven't been before. One of my top favourite places i've visited! So sad I have a quite important event in the beginning of November so I can't even think of going to Steem Fest.. :/

Excellent holiday plan...Enjoy!!


That's a great trip,beautiful picture and place

Awesome photo @hilarski thank you so much for sharing

damn really also Rome? where can i find more info?


Am i the first to comment here......great post

Enjoy that experience and more as a couple!!!

Bravo Hilarski! See you at SF Lisbon!


Awesome, we can't wait!


Can't wait to meet you guys!

Enjoy! Yeah, the Dutch stuff is poisonous xD

Wow this is a very useful news! When you will come to Sri Lanka?
Congratz for all participants!



Not anytime soon, but I would like to visit someday.

have fun and enjoy your day !!

That's a great trip. I'll see you in Lisbon!



Space brownies?! haha They sound like a lot of fun. Have fun but stay safe, friend!

Now that's an awesome schedule! See you in Lisbon!


We are so pumped!

Oh, that looks like so much fun!! I will see you there! Yeah! Looking forward to meeting you and your lovely wife. My Dad is taking me to a city for a day, prior to steemfest, but we haven't decided where yet. We're thinking London.


Nice, so you are coming!! That made my day. Lisbon itself looks gorgeous. This is my first time there so I am pumped.

amigo #resteemia at your service

good news & nice you shared @hilarski

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Beautiful Picture.

wow great way to enjoy the holidays..feel jealous about you guys..anyway enjoy your holidays and share your experience with us :) cheers

It looks like you're going to have lots of fun :)
Can't wait to see beautiful pics of your Steem Fest Tour.

Great tour plan. Enjoy it.

Very nice tour across very nice European cities, I'm sure you will enjoy your time

Wow lovely couple photo and very useful news. @hilarski
have a great day

Sounds like a good trip you have planned @hilarski ! Prague and Vienna (and Amsterdam) are some of my favorite cities of all time! 😄
I hope that you 2 take advantage of AirBnB instead of hotels 😏 You end up getting a way better deal, with the benefits of meeting some of the locals potentially!


Everything is Air BnB except Lisbon.


Dope! Glad to hear that 😄

That looks like an awesome agenda, especially finishing it off at Steemfest! Plenty of pictures to be taken.


We definitely wanted to make a trip of it.

Lovely enjoy experience. great travel.100% like and resteem

its great photo (selfie)@hilarski, your smile shown how happy to be maid your Europe tour.

That's quite the tour! See you in Lisbon!


Yes sir, time to handle biz!

Have a nice trip)))

This is a topic that makes me very sad :(


Yes, I understand. So many folks can't come.

@hilarski Interesting Tale. Hope you can get what you would like from this challenge. Have got a awesome working day. Upvoted.

Sounds like a great experience. Keep us updated.

I'm a little sad the UK isn't on that tour- but hang on... I'm going to see you both at Lisbon. Wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!


Yes Maam, see you soon!

Wow, SteemFest sounds great @hilarski looking forward to seeing how it all goes.

Amazing post
Thanks for sharing such great post with us!

Wow,,,,,,, Nice photo......Looking forward to meeting you there again Randy!!!!!

Nice :) I have upvoted your post:)Would be super happy if you follow me @jurgis I follow back.

wow great post @hilarski, have fun and enjoy your time.

Enjoy your trip Have fun. Lovely pic.

@hilarski - Impressive news Sir. LOve your work. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Busy schedule, sure to be loaded with fun @hilarski and sending greetings to @anahilarski

I wish you the greatest success in this great adventure and may God protect you and carry you with good ...

Congratulations deserve everything for those of you who are living a beautiful family @hilarski @anahilarski

very crowded schedule

Yes Yes Yes, great trip #TeamHilarski, get them Euros :P See you in Lisbon, looking forward to welcoming you both :)


We can't wait Brotha!

Beautiful photo on the background of the sea @hilarski, I hope to see more :)

fantastic @hilarski sir, have a very happy and cheerful trip of europe. thanks for sharing

Very nice @hilarski ...Bless

Friends, enjoy. And keep showing us that you have gone

Congratulations @hilarski
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Useful information to all euro region steemians
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Awesome! See you in Lisbon, we're all booked!


I am super pumped Eric! See you soon.

Excellent holiday plan @hilarski. have fun....

Wow! It's great, next time I will definitely meet you guys. I have strong feelings for steemFest2 but unfortunately can't afford this time, have to learn lot more from you friend please help me to build a strong mindset. Wish you all the very best for your great journey, Happy steeming friend.

Awesome stuff brother. Are all those locations and dates for different Steemfests?

Talk soon.


Nope, that is only Lisbon.

Bravo Hilarski! See you at SF Lisbon!!!!!!!!

Now that's great to know keep us updated with lots of clicks ;)

Cool! See you there :) I mean... here.

Your publications are really wonderful
I am following you
He continued

I will miss this event badly. I always wanted to join it and interact with the great minds there. If there is any contest going on to win the tickets to it, let me know.

Wow tnx for your insight :D


Super exciting! I am stoked to be a part of it and looking forward to seeing you two!

Also that hat is looking super nice on you!