Support SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund

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I’ve just donated 300 STEEM, and in a week from now all liquid rewards from this post will be transferred to the SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund

SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund

Just like in previous years, the @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund is a 'donate any amount'-cause and can be used for anyone attending SteemFest to cover (some of the) travel expenses of SteemFest attendees and will be distributed after the SteemFest event to the attendees who applied in person at the SteemFest Desk during conference days 1&2.

How can you support the project?

In many ways, and each of them is equally good:

  • Transfer any amount of SBD or STEEM to @t-r-f
  • Use Fundition to donate to @t-r-f
  • If you’re going to SteemFest and can cover your expenses alone, DO NOT apply for @t-r-f. All those who decide not to apply leave their piece of the pie for the others to enjoy, which is generous. Thank you! :-)
  • Upvote this post, all liquid rewards will be transferred to @t-r-f after the payout.

To all those who are going, see you at SteemFest3
To all those who won’t be there with us, see you next time!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

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hello @gtg

how to get my account restored on steem chat?

have been contacting other mods over weeks/months and have told me to contact you


It's not up to me, I don't interfere with mods decisions, I'm helping with the chat infrastructure. Please don't hijack threads like that. It's ridiculous that this comment is top voted while it has nothing to do with the subject.


i contacted MOD's of steemchat @followbtcnews and @crimsonclad multiple times since July with little response until last month

@crimsonclad told me that is was you who banned me so please stop with the bullshit lies

whats ridiculous is that you banned me for the second time in a year without warning or reason


Gandalf has zero reason to lie to you, even less reason to care, and neither do I anymore. I looked to see who had mentioned deactivating your multiple ban evasion accounts and it was him, likely because after whenever the first banning was you made a giant mess that he needed to clean up. He takes on more than enough work than to ferret out dozens of accounts of yours on top of it all.

We've had the discussion many times- our mods make decisions based on your behaviour, and is not censorship free like the Steem blockchain is: it is a nice little place provided by the money, kindness and volunteer time of others to give people a place to discuss Steem.

If you want no censorship, put it all on the chain. Your insinuations that people don't care about whatever it is you want to talk about are not accurate... it is the methods you use that are spoiling your results. The blockchain is open to you; use it as you see fit. Harassing people who run a service that you don't agree with is a shitty use, and while you're free to do so, you're not free of the consequences. At this point consider this the last word- we will not be reinstating any of your accounts at


he was lying about banning my account and tried to slander me in the past when i was banned first last october with @gtg claiming i was a spammer

the most recent post a few days before my first ban

ICO Review : Viewly Vs Viuly?

in that time i had multiple posts on millions of SP dedicated to farming rewards and various scams

i understand is a private third party but to say Steem is about free speech and the main site links to an external party that controls the narrative is bullshit


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This is a kind and well thought out project. I wish the best for the participants. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to Steemfest, but I hope my futuristic art does. It was my Steemfest 3 art entry :)



Love it :)


Thank you @dreamryder007 for appreciating my art :)


Very cool entry @luxx!

The time is approaching for this important event,
I wish you a happy trip full of many successes.
Hey, the video is very cool, I liked it a lot.


Thank you :-)

Great innitiative to help some people to attend Steemfest who would otherwise not able to attend.

Wow! Excelent initiative! I cant travel this days, but with a little boost maybe i be able to do it in a future. Exelent project!

It's very generous, people will appreciate it for sure :)

Hi @gtg! I'm brandnew to Steem and currently informing myself about its business model and investment opportunities. Since I'm considering an invest in the near future, would you recommend me to participate in the conference here mentioned? Could I expect to get some first hand information on investment models and strategies there?
I appreciate your response!


Hello @blockchainpunk, of course I recommend that. Please keep in mind however, that SteemFest is not a DevCon or a typical blockchain conference. It's a social event so a lot of attenders come for fun, but you can see there many other investors and developers and how passionate they are about the platform.
SteemFest, just as Steem itself is one of a kind.
You are very welcome to join :-)


If you’re going to SteemFest and can cover your expenses alone, DO NOT apply

That's a good point. At Steemfest 2, I was surprised to see many people sign up for the travel fund apparently without thinking whether they really needed it - while the conference itself was already generously subsidized by sponsors and donors. I can't look into people's hearts, or their wallets outside of Steem, but if you live in Western Europe and have a full-time job, you should be able to pay for your own travel.


Yes, exactly, that's the idea.

That is so AWESOME of you. Resteeming

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Hello! Can I also donate STEEM to this account? only I can not go to SteemFest : (


Sorry to hear that, it would be great to meet you.
Sure, you can, double check the right name @t-r-f
Thank you for the support.


I am also very sorry :(
with pleasure!

I've had @t-r-f as a beneficiary for 10% of my posts' rewards for the last 8 weeks even if I'm only a minuscule fish in this ocean. Little fish know: even the smallest breadcrumb is better than none ;)


That is awesome, thank you! :-)

Very nice initiative !!! 😉

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@gtg, I've donated in September 15 SBD to this fund. Also, I've voted for you as a witness. Thank you for your great job!


All the best the participants i would have love to contribute but I am new i don’t have steem power to give. Please whoever can help please do


Understood. One of the ways to help is just an upvote.

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I won my trip but tecnichally used it to cover @hedac as well both tickets and both travels even if we now travel in very tight conditions, but not sure if he can apply for it. Honestly it would help. Still I am sure there are plenty applying rightfully, I am already very grateful to have managed going against all odds.

Are you coming over to Alchemie Bar? We are ALL here actually =)

Damn.... It was not roelandps post xD sorry man


I'm still 100km and 40hours away from Gronud Zero.
But I'm working on it.
See you soon! :-)


Haha 🤟, sorry you got me on the wrong post but nice to meet ya here in Krakow ✌️have a save trip m8

Wow that's nice.My friend is affected by cancer.His family don't have enough money to save him.So me and some friends decided to make a fund.I'm on steemit to collect some money for the fund. @gtg can you donate some money for the fund.I will be very thankful to you.

Super idea.

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Can I get some of that? I only have like 10 D:


Yes you can, you could read that carefully to know how (getting to the SteemFest and applying for the Travel Reimbursement).

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See? I encourage everyone to get that badge :-)


lol not only was this post a reminder for me to check out the trf project but this badge pushed me over the edge to donate lol

thanks for this!

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Jaaa... I wish I could get that badge but probably next year if possible... I think @t-r-f means a lot for ppl living far away from EU/ festa place like us... thanks for sharing n looking forward to read everyone’s report about this festa! Have a safe trip!

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Interesting badge and a good idea