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RE: SteemFest²: Bridging the Gap Between Perception and Reality

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Thank you for providing your perspective. Regarding the recent failures of steemit, I've been following your articles, as well as the comments of the many users and Ned's replies. To the extent that they can even be called answers. From your point of view, and also from those who wanted to understand what was behind the difficulties and poor performance, it all makes a lot of sense. Intensive study of the subject requires a high level of understanding of Steemit's technical functioning. The mass of users will probably be no techs, although I can see that there are an incredible number of technically savvy people here. If the product or service of a company hooks on the frontend, then I as a user who does not want to read himself into the backgrounds and technical details and certainly does not know who he can turn to is dependent on transparent communication.

Of course word-of-mouth propaganda is carried out in such a way that you make a good financial cut on steemit, otherwise people would certainly not invest here with their money. The users are basically like unofficially engaged salesmen, who of course work with arguments that the company can distance itself from at any time, because it is not communicated by them at all. All the riches that can be seen here, by browsing the accounts, can be interpreted in such a way that even small fish can make a significant profit at some point. Apart from that, I assume that the management and development team does not suffer from poverty and has plenty of financial resources to hire a company spokesperson who works hand in hand with a technician. With the failures of Steemit, it would have been enough for the normal user to see a window popping up when opening the platform, which indicates that the technical problems are currently being serviced and other relevant information that does not deter an unsophisticated user.

For such beginners, the role of widnesses is completely unclear and some people do not understand it even after months.

Your role here is in my view that of a company spokesman. And why wouldn't I be? It's good that you're doing this, and you have your reasons. But I always find it difficult if a company has not officially given you this assignment and you basically act on your own responsibility. I do not think it is necessary to have a guilty conscience that the people responsible are being approached hard because communication is insufficient.

If my telephone company has problems, I want to know that they are working on these problems and when they are likely to be fixed. That's exactly what I expect from Steemit. The high-tech companies have the advantage that they have diligent users who take over the tasks of the company in many parts. For example, write reviews and evaluate the reputation of sellers. In the gaming industry, there is a phalanx of game testers who do marketing without the company's order. This is zeitgeist and it has many advantages. The disadvantage is that the company loses its grip and responsibility is not clearly defined.

Since the role of the Witnesses is obscure to me and I don't see through them, it would be good in my opinion to officially engage someone like you and make them the company spokesman. The communication with the board would then not have to be done via personal mail communication. You'd be paid for your time and effort. Sure, you get income from your status here and votes on your articles, but I'd like to ask you if you'd rather be equipped with a clear work assignment?

As I see it, you run the risk of being left out in the rain if you say something that the leadership doesn't like and you can never claim that they have asked you to act on behalf of the company. I hope my objections make sense to you.


Great comment, thank you.

I do see your point and it makes a lot of sense, but like you said, a decentralized model can also work as individuals work to gain their own unique understanding and perspectives. Maybe a centralized spokesperson would bring more clarity and accurate information, but they too are limited by what can be said accurately given the availability of the developers to explain things while they are already sleep deprived and working around the clock to implement improvements.

I think @andrarchy is settling into his role as the community liaison and earning the trust of the mostly developer-filled team. With that, I'm hopeful we'll see more communication from him and Steemit in general.

It's natural to compare support and communication expectations across service providers, but I think in this case, things really should be seen as unique. No out there is doing what Steemit is doing. This is really hard stuff. The more we appreciate that, the more patience and the less frustration we will have.

Thank you.
I guess that answered my question. If an assignment is not what you are after, than I know a little more what I can expect from you.

I am not for an "either, or" solution and think, both is possible: you, giving your unique perspective and the steemit board communicating to the ordinary user who would appreciate in my eyes getting some short and simple notes about the company who just has to implement the message: "We see you" in case of a bad performing platform.

If I recall that correctly it was one of the concerns to shy away new users and frustrate those who are not so deeply connected and also might leave. It is still also about growing, right?

In which way this can happen, I really do not care that much, same with the contents of what may be technically or strategically communicated openly.

It just felt like "don't bother us". That is what people cannot stand.

For my part, I have greatly appreciated the fact that you have asked critical questions, also because your arguments have taken up those of many here.

I'm certainly open to being given an assignment by you, the Steemit team, or anyone else. If I see the value in it for myself and the community, I'd do it.

One thing I gained perspective on is how much they are involved in the long game. They are focused on building the foundation to support massive growth. Everyone who created an account and left is still in their contact database and will be marketed to in the future when the site is ready. That's a powerful thing.

never lose too much sight of the present game, I would say:-)

I hear you & I know it is complex and a hell lot of work. We are almost all here working really hard. ... Well, not all, but you get what I mean.

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