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RE: [save the date] SteemFest⁴ Bangkok, Thailand - 6/7/8/9/10 November 2019 - ⛅ ฟ้าหลังฝน - Let's go!

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Great news @roelandp! Look forward to hearing more about SF4!


Why is he once again ignoring the USA and preventing American Steemians from ever having one single steemfest when we make up the lion share of users and investment? Also we are in no position to plan steem fests when steem is on the brink of becoming as irrelevant as Golos, we need marketing not steemfests....

and you @elipowell why do you even work at steem? Youve made under 10 posst since you joined 4 months ago, I make more than that in one day.... you cant even post on steem and you wanted to be our communications directior or whatever you are called? Seriously youre an offense to steem, all of these hard working peopel and @ned just pays you why again? What doi you actually do?

You havent done anything for steem and yet YOU get a paycheck? WOw..... no wonder @ned has single handedly lost over 1.5 BILLIOn dollars in marketcap value over the last year'

You are not here to help steem, you are just here to pickup a ppaycheck and to have something look good on your resume

You have no excuse for your lack of posting.... come on discord and explain yourself

While I think Thailand is a great choice for Steemfest your comment did make me laugh and yeah a lot of who have been around for awhile aren't impressed with Steemit Inc. I have often asked if employees like @elipowell are sort of collecting a paycheck and not really doing much of anything. Wouldn't we all like a blockchain job on paper. Doses of reality aren't welcome.

In my time on STEEM it has dropped from 3 on CoinMarketCap to 62. The market has spoken.

Unless you are one of the 50 or 60 people really collecting anything on this chain it simply isn't a good place for investment. Better off with Dogecoin. It isnt slipping down CoinMarketCap like STEEM. Sometimes the truth hurts. Slow clap for the few that really came out ahead here and a moment of silence for those who chased the carrot and had high hopes.

I would venture to say that STEEM is the most developed complete ecosystem in the blockchain space. It is really sad that it isn't a good investment though. It is frustrating. Unless you have $250,000 to invest here you aren't going to make a legit move here at this point. Your investment will likely erode faster than you can earn from the power and you will spend a lot of time attempting to make the power pay off. It will end up being a financial drain and a time trap. It would have been easier to just invest in Litecoin and set it and forget it.

Against my better judgment I'm leaving 2000 SP encase someone comes up with something unreal on this chain that drives insane demand. Most blockchain projects don't slip that hard and then retake a premier position after sliding but maybe it could still happen.

We have simply put the majority of our money in other projects that have a better chance for success. We will see what MEOS brings but it will be an experiment just like this ecosystem as well. It won't be perfect either but we will see if I have enough EOS to make some noise there.

Thailand !?!? Fuck yeah!


100% Agree glad OGs like you are telling the truth and not being yesmen like some sort of Iceposeidon butler, and 100% Agree With leaving 2000 Sp , Im gonna leave 3 or 4000 SP incase something happens here , but I think I will invest a LOT of that into Steem-engine tokens actually,

and the eos money thats been actually performing that io got from SBD when sbd was like $10 and EOS at 50 cents to $1 , yeah im gonna put some of THAt into stuff like PEOS, and yeah MEOS, is gonna have all the smart people from steem using it.

I ll be happy if steemit inc ever releases SMTs but its too late they cant just work on it now , MEOS is happening AND steem-engine already happened, so if steem-engine is this underutilized for how great of a platform it is (Due to steem having not enough users) then imagine how vacant and un used SMTs will be... steemit inc will have to get serious partners to launch SMTs with like xbox launching with Halo, and n64 launching with Zelda ocarina of time... SMts need toi launch with some big company that wont mind having some decentralzied reddit forum posting about them... IF Steem's SMTs even come with communities as inertia pointed out there isnt much activity on the communities github, and i believe aggroed is closer to giving us that with his scotbot than steemit inc

hey anyway it means a lot that you responded like this with honesty, send me your EOS account name on discord ill send you some eos token tips from variuosu coins im collecting liek PEOS, theyre givin out lots of tokens on

and again i agree with leaving a few thousand SP in here, and even THAT is more than enouygh for both of us! MOST peopel would have been taking 90% of all the money they even made here including powering down SP as they got it, and just held BTC, or cashed out, so peopel like us who actually held on to THOUSANDS of Steempower for YEARS, we deserve a fucking MEDAL next to our name on the steemit front end....

Man, this did make me laugh. Who's ignoring what exactly?

South America.... Ignored!
Australia.... Ignored!
Russia.... Ignored!
China.... Ignored!
Canada... Ignored!

I'd love to see steemfest in Canada one year... definitely b4 America. Good coffee, lower crime, friendly people.... very polite. Go... Canada 🙂🇨🇦 let me get some maple syrup on my pancakes please!

Bring steemfest to the UK please!!!! that will satisfy my massive sense of Western entitlement.

Wait a minute.... nah fck that, Thailand is absolutely fine. Cheap, friendly, genuine and not full of loud arrogant fucktards. Great choice Roelandp 🙂

So I gather you're coming to the Colorado-based 'Block Party' conference @ackza?

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