The Road To Steemfest: A Rough Guide To Budget Hostels

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The other day I talked about how using Air BnB instead of a hotel if you are going to Steemfest, can save you a ton of money. It was pointed out to me in the comment section that hostels are also a good and cheap alternative.

So I thought I'd do a bit of research and report on the best value hostels to stay in Krakow. So without further ado, let's get straight into it!

Dizzy Daisy Downtown Hostel Dizzy Daisy Downtown Hostel.png

Summary: I love the name of this place and the pictures look really good. In fact there is a chance I might have chosen this place if I hadn't gone the Air BnB route.

Reviews: I have read through around 50 of the 353 Google reviews for this place and they are mainly favourable. Only 2% of people gave this a 2 Star rating, which is about seven people. With 61% giving it a 5 star and 28% 4 Star. Good points include:

  • Clean

  • Secure

  • Good lockers

  • Clean bathroom and kitchen areas.

I couldn't find many negatives, one person claimed the WiFi wasn't stable, however others claimed it was very good.

One person said that their room (for 8 people) was not cleaned once during their 3 day stay. However he still gave it a 10/10 on, so go figure!

Location: Many people are happy with the location, it says it is very close to the centre. According to Google it is 3.9 km, around a 15 minute walk from Kazimierz where Steemfest is being held.

Cost: They advertise rooms from about £12 (€13.40 or $15.77) per night. Though I've seen rooms there for about twice that, so check availability before budgeting.

The Little Havana Party Hostel little havana party hostel krakow_.png

I loved the name of this place and thought that it sounded great. However will it live up to its name?

Well according to this review by Firas E, which was my favourite one, the answer is a resounding yes!

Great hostel to meet people and party. Nice common area with relaxed atmosphere. Bar in the common area with cheap beer. We had rented a 2 beds room but it wasn't available so they accomodated [sic.] us with an 8 beds room just for us. Rooms are spacious enough.

Reviews: There are 232 Google reviews with an average of 4.6. with an overwhelming 78% giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

The good points included:

  • Very friendly staff

  • Accommodating staff

  • Clean

  • Good to meet people

  • Free burger and beer at breakfast

  • Organised pub crawls

I couldn't find many negatives seeing as most people gave it 4 or 5 stars. However it does seem to live up to its name. The entrance is right next to a happening nightclub so if peace and quiet is your thing, this is definitely not the place for you.


According to Google it is 4.3 km about a 10-12 minute walk from Kazimierz where Steemfest is being held.

Cost: Rooms start from £17 (€19, $22) per night.

Premium Hostel

Premium Hostel_.png

Summary: I find it funny that they would use the word 'premium' for a 2 star hostel. However the 392 reviews with 60% 5 star and 28% 4 star tell me that most people really enjoyed their stay here.

Good points include:

  • Very friendly staff

  • Quiet location

  • Great value

  • Good access to the trams

  • On suite bathrooms

One negative that came up a few times was the noise from the trams can be a bit much. However it seems that this depends on what room you get.

Location: According to Google, this is 4.5 km from Kazimierz where Steemfest is being held.

Cost: £12 (€13.40, $15.77)

Hostel Conclusion

It can definitely be cheaper staying in hostels as opposed to the Air BnB route. However you could easily end up paying the same or similar if the cheaper rooms aren't available.

Something to keep in mind when looking for hostels if you don't choose one of the three above. Is that a lot of the ones that I browsed on Google and Tripadvisor seem to be party hostels.

That might have died down by the winter time, as Krakow seems to be a popular summer destination. However I would check and double-check before booking if this is something that might bother you. As the party hostels tend to be a lot nosier than the regular ones.

Where ever you stay, I hope to see you there! Bon Voyage!!

If you haven't signed up for Air BnB yet, and you're interested in using it to stay for Steemfest. Then click on this link (Air BnB Cryptogee Discount Link) to get £25 (€28) off your booking.

Check out my Air bnb post here: The Road To Steemfest: How To Get Cheap Accommodation


Title image: Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Hostel images: Courtesy of featured hostels

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the hostels featured in this article and am not gaining financially or otherwise by featuring them. All information is accurate to the best of my knowledge and has been researched in good faith.


Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

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Thanks for this info! I hope to visit Poland in the near future, so I might be able to use this info

Speaking of saving money, what do you think of Poland's decision to outsource the printing of its paper currency to a factory in Beijing? Can this possibly make sense?


Hi sorry I didn't see this comment at the time!

Speaking of saving money, what do you think of Poland's decision to outsource the printing of its paper currency to a factory in Beijing? Can this possibly make sense?

That is crazy news! On first reflection it seems crazy, but I'll have to look into this one. Perhaps paper is becoming an expensive commodity, seeing as in some sectors we are becoming a paperless society. Still though, sounds mad!


Thanks for this info! Will check this out as me and the others from Team Malaysia are looking at AirBnb now.
@aaronleang @joannewong @bitrocker2020

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Cool! For me Air BnB is the best, because it's cheap and you feel like you're staying in luxury! However sometimes people want to save even more which is why I did this post.

Check out my Air bnb post here: The Road To Steemfest: How To Get Cheap Accommodation



Thanks again! And see you soon in Krakow!

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Unfortunately, i can't go to this steemfest but I will join you guys in the next year. Thank you for this wonderful info, I am resteeming this post so that people in my list who are going to steemfest will read it and take benefits from it.

P.S i really really want to go but can't :(


Awesome, thanks for the resteem! Hopefully it will help some people, and hopefully by this time next year you'll have enough Steem in your account to pay for the trip!


Wow es fascinante como muchas personas están planeando su viaje y estadía para el gran Steem Fest, yo planeo desde ya asistir al del próximo año, o al próximo que se dé, necesito juntar mucho, mucho, dinero, pero poco a poco.
Te felicito, espero nos cuentes tus experiencias @cryptogee
Wow is fascinating how many people are planning their trip and stay for the great Steem Fest, I plan from now on to attend the next year, or the next one that is given, I need to gather a lot, a lot, money, but little by little.
I congratulate you, I hope you tell us your experiences @cryptogee

Wish i could join you there😉anyways nice share for other people... Waiting to see your video where I can see you speaking.... And will check whether you look similar like i imagined 😂✌️💪.. Resteemed for fellow steemians..njoy share what you did there...


Thank you, I can't wait to get there! :-)

And will check whether you look similar like i imagined

Ha! I doubt it 😜



Hehe.. I can imagine... You seem so excited

Enjoy your adrenaline rush:)

Unable to join the steemfest.
but I heard air bnb two more times today. friends around me. My interest in your sharing increased a little more :)

GOOD WORK, This post is so helpful i hope all "Steemers" Benefits ;)

You have shared very useful info can save lots of money those are going to attend steemfest.

Looking forward to meeting you there at Steemfest this year. Its gonna be fun. I already got my hotel and everything booked, but this is great info for those that are trying to get their's booked still.


Yes! See you there, can't wait :-)))


Excellent information my friend. I invite you to visit my blog ;)