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RE: 3 Days Later My Tuk Tuk Arrived In BKK

in #steemfestlast year

Lol I met a chick in Phuket named Juraporn, she was a massage girl! I introduced her to Biltong ah good times. Anyway back the story at hand! I'm stoked that you sacked up and made the journey you're such a trooper!

Someones gotta give em hell bother, tell him to suck a dick for the rest of us in absentia


You call it "billtong" 🤔 that's cool, I guess lol.. I've been out here yelling "Ned sucks dick" all afternoon and only a few people asked me if I was Ned.. So far I've made about 2000 baht..

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Please do document it on our beautiful cockblockchain! If could slap the airpod out of andrachys left ear for me that would be great

Lol 2000 baht can get you pretty far in BKK, as far as nana plaza

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