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Greetings everyone! My name is Brandon; I've included the link to my Steemfest 2 entry. I appreciated a video contest because writing on changing the world could take hours...maybe days.

I hope to be an influence of the positive sort, thanks for your time and consideration steemit and @stellabelle

and much love to my friends @theprophet0 and @cryptoiskey for supporting me every step of the way.


feeling great after watching this video the people like you make all of us more strong , now im more optimistic about this platform thanks for your great words

well thank you! expand your mind here, it's all love.

its all about care and affection and i think you have love and affection for all of us , thanks for your comment , you people are the real care takers of this big great workplace

@shanzaylizay said it best! I agree 100%! Glad to have you here World Changer! @brandonk


great to see you here and you have a good content on your wall i will look on it now

Thanks for your entry! My upvote strength is weak right now, so I'll upvote you tomorrow:

Find out how to enter Steemfest2 contest

thank you stella, an awesome opportunity as well.

@stellabelle i am great fan of you.. stay blessed.

Brandon is a fantastic guy and please show him your support!

you're a damn beast scotty, thank you!

What an authentic and deep thought. I feel really related to your feeling about Steemit. I think something magical and wonderful it's been created in this community. Blockchain is a gift, has brought us hope for a better world. Thank you for sharing @brandonk :)

Nice Post
Thanks For sharing

I'm going to resteem this for you to 14,000+ followers in about 2 hours from now, Brandon - about 6 pm, CST. Hope it helps. :)

that's tremendous, thanks much Joana!

I resteemed it a little while ago, earlier than planned. Best wishes. :)

U r wlcom

bienvenido exitos.

Awesome man i hope this goes well for you, you deserve it!

thx my bro! means a lot from ya!

feeling great after watching this video, thanks

Great video, i will surelly follow you.

wow wow i really enjoyed this post my dear friend keep on like that always

just keep on changing the world you can do more

Keep promoting man, it worth it. We have to get bigger.

Nice sharing dude

Hey @brandonk !

Found your blog this morning and glad I found it, already learned some useful things! Steemit is awesome!

I have literally just started my blog yesterday and posted my introduction post!

Upvoted and followed your post!

Keep up the good work and upvote my first blog post if you’ve enjoyed it and like my work!

See you around!