Steemfest Closing Dinner Selfies Session

in steemfest •  last year

I have always been a noob at taking selfies and been the laughingstock of my children for long.

Fortunately, the Steemfest Closing Dinner offered an unexpected opportunity to trains myself and put an end once and for all to this insolence.

I noticed that everyone was sitting in his chair, enjoying the delicious meal that was served to us, quite static. The perfect moment to take a selfies with all my new friends, without having to buy an overpriced stabilizer.

I also wanted to get a souvenir of ALL the nice people I met in Lisbon, and why not, share it with them.

Thanks to their kindness and complicity, I have done 163 selfies in a row. And now , I can proudly announce that I became "Selfie Certified Level 1".

Unfortunately, level 1 is not very high. In the video below, where I compiled the best of my pictures, you will sometimes notice poor quality in the footage. Out of those 163 selfies, only 87 survived my lack of experience.

Anyway, here is the result of Steemfest Closing Dinner Selfies Session.

I apologize to anyone I missed. I did my best to catch you all in my session.
I also apologize to anyone who did a selfie with me and is not on this video.

To the others, survivors of my training, if you recognize yourself and want a copy of the picture, feel free to contact me on

A very special thanks to:
@roelandp for making this amazing event each year so unforgettable.
@steembirds for making such entertaining songs. I couldn't find anything better to put on my video. You guys rock!

Thank you all, for the wonderful moments I spent with you!

Steem on!

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Hope to see you all at STEEMFEST ACAPULCO 2018!

@arcange what an impressive job brother!
You should absolutely consider reposting this, a week before Steemfest 3, to get everyone pumped for the next one!
Well done I say!


Thank you for your kind work.
And indeed, I might consider to repost it.

Love this!!! hehehe amazing stuff!! :)) was great meeting you!!


I was so glad attending your presentation. I can't stop telling your story to people as an example. You put so much of yourself in it, it was vibrant! The best session to me!

It's like a hall of fame, you did really well!

I love your selfies!!! you look so happy ^ ^ and really like .. having fun !
your happiness is contagious !!


I really enjoyed making these selfies and had a lot of fun with all those who accepted to participate. Yes, happiness is contagious, even now when I'm looking at the smiles on faces =)


I finished the whole 8 minutes video
normally ... I won't even click on them but you sold it :D
the pics are all nice
you should do more of these :D

@arcange am very excited about all the news have been seeing about steemfest and I wish I could participate in the next fest


I will be happy to see you at SF3!


Congrats to all for a successful SteemFest²

It was very nice to meet you at Steemfest. I love the energy you radiate. It shows in the selfies. Thank you for this. :)


Thank you. The session was indeed a great opportunity to meet you all, at least a few minutes.

so fun!!


Thank you!

Wonderful to meet you again! I do hope it was the selfie with me on it that didn't make it ;)


I hope we can meet again at SF3. Take care.

Cool video, thanks for sharing @arcange!

Oh man I can´t believe you don´t have one with me, I feel outraged :P Either way, cool video mate, I was glad to meet you and have a conversation even if it was only until the closing dinner. See you next year mate!


Really sorry you're not on the show. I own you a dedicated selfie session =D

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What a great record of everyone!


Did my best to "catch them all". Missed some :'(

Even a picture with Juka !!! <3 I love it !


Yep, tried to include all, even the funny waiters =)


:-D pour l'anonymat, c'est loupé HAHAHHA ;-)


Il y a des barrières qu'il faut savoir traverser =D

😂 📷 😛 📸 😀
You are so cool! 😉
And.. SeelfiPaparazzi😋😙

Congrats on your selfie spree @arcange you're doing pretty well. :)


Thank you =)

This is such a wonderful opportunity to meet a lot of influential steemits just like you. I for one needs to practice my selfie skills because sometimes my kids laugh at my selfies. Voted you as a witness though.


Thanks for you support. I really appreciate. See you next Steemfest !

Super Sweet !!!
So nice to meet you


Thank you @mammasita. I brought home the nice gift you made for us and gave to me, trying to resist to open it, in order to be able to see this souvenir all days and have a thought to you =)
Thanks for sharings smiles with me.


Hahah! That’s even more sweet! Just open it and enjoy the taste. I bring more for the next fest.


Somebody wanted mine as i was going back to my chair ;)
Replacement @mammasita!!

They're actually pretty good..way better than mine @arcange. Remember this shot??


Yes! How to forget the yummy chocolates and the friendly waitress =)


Oh you won't, would ya? She let u have 3 lolsss naughty naughty :)

I have a group selfie too, thx to @timsaid ;)

You made the video like I suggested, yey! 🤗


Yes. Thanks you for such a good hint!

You are SO much fun!! When you were around, I was laughing non-stop. It was wonderful to meet you!


Thank you. I met so many cool people like you. And indeed, we had fun together.
Let's plan a laugh party at SF3 ;)

Excellent job! I really enjoyed hanging out with you at Steemfest. Thanks for putting together so many great pictures. :)


Oh bro, it was so nice to share all those moments together. Can't wait to see you again.
Take care !

I'm on there woohhhooooo (min. 1:28) and of course want a copy of the picture :)
It was a real pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you at Steemfest 3.


Picture sent on
It's was my pleasure to meet you and provide you with this small gift for you birthday.
For sure we will see again at SF3, as I became quite addict to that kind of event.


Thank you ever so much!

Even though you don't recognize y influence on our photo breakthroughes I recognize you are NOW the King of Selfies!!!!!

Love you~*~


My dear friend. I was so glad to meet you in Lisbon.
I should write a post about this =)


Yes you should. You had so many evolutions and breakthroughs because of our interactions. It was meant to be for sure yet it was a revolution~*~

You do look like you are the life of the party and happy and fun person to be around. Looks like you brought joy to all those around you.

sir @arcange are you coming here in KSA? hehehe How I wish steemfest is posibble to happen here in KSA where I am working as an overseas filipino worker., its hard for us to witness and be part of the steemfest even in the philippines my home country since we are not capable of going out from KSA at anytime we like. not unless if we are going for our yearly vacation.. I am still fresh in steemit since I am using this platform for less than three month now, but I find steemit is a great help to anybody not only for earning money but gathering more friends around the globe and you are able to learn thousands of lessons shared from different people with different skills..

Soar High Be An Inspiration

This is so awesome, Thanks for letting me know I am a part of this awesome video. Could you give me just the picture of you and I in the selfie, maybe in the reply to this comment ^_^

Nice to see all of the beautiful faces here! Miss you! You are a beautiful man!

I disagree, you're definitely at level 2 or 3 with the selfies! Haha, I just love your brilliant idea and thanks for including me in your jedi-selfies-skills!

Many familiar faces! J'adore! Tellement beaucoup de selfies!!!! :D Et on n'a pas fait une ensemble aussi :/ Salut @argange!!! Voté!!! ;)

I'm happy I'm not the only one that feels funny when taking selfies. I just feel so ridiculous taking selfies. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to join the selfie certification tomorrow!

Me and @dana-varahi at 7:04. Nice way to connect with everyone even if we didn't have a chance to talk proper. The event was too big for everyone to talk to everyone. :)