My Road To Steemfest # 3 | Making progress

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It's been a week since I wrote my last update about my road to SF4

Let's see how things are progressing at this moment.. I have managed to make some extra money the past weeks, by writing some more blogs than I used to do. I always have plenty things to write about and share, but usually decide not to write it down (at that moment), but now I'm kind of repeatedly telling myself: "Every earned dollar is getting you closer to your goal of attending at Steemfest in Bangkok". So I keep reminding myself about that, and it seems to help.

1 Steem a day, check...

So far I've managed to keep putting 1 Steem a day in my savings as well. Again, it seems like peanuts, but by setting the amount at 1 Steem I know I can always keep up, even when my earnings are a little lower, and counting that over 5 months (when hopefully the prizes have mooned, lol) it's still a nice contribution.

Steemmonster cards have been good to me

So far I've been lucky to have pulled a few Gold Foil Legendary cards, and I sold one of them this weekend. Funds are going straight to our credit card debt, because I decided I want to lower that amount (and with that monthly payments and interest) with all my earnings. So I won't be spending money on tickets just yet, as I feel this should be done first, so all the costs go down. Everything I earned and cashed out is now going to the credit card account.. And I must say that feels goed. This month was a 6 week month, as boyfriend started working for a new employer, who pays the salary around 10 days after the previous one did. Meaning we almost had to wait 6 weeks in between the salaries the first time. But we're almost there, just a few days left, and we didn't even go broke this month, instead I earned extra cash. Feels good!!!

Not satisfied with my earnings yet though

There have been quit some days that I was totally drained after only half of the day had passed, mostly because of my (sometimes) tantrum toddler that didn't agree on my schedule. Even when the whole day is set to please her, going out, playing and having fun, she still manages to make the trip home a disaster, which makes me sad, and sometimes think that I will never do that again. Of course I can't stay inside all week, but it really sucks, as these tantrums can be so exhausting, that even when she sleeps for 2 hours, I still have a headache. Sorry to say for my boyfriend, but I will be happy to have a week of me-time in November, I will feel fully reloaded after I come back, and the only thing that I will have to worry about is probably having a jet-lag for the first time in my life.

@anomadsoul called out all previous SF visitors to make a memory post about SF3

So that was nice to see, because that means that there will be many road to steemfest posts popping up the next period! And I love it, I started writing mine for my personal reasons, to keep track of what I had been doing, and not to forget things as well. This is just the way my mind works, I need to write things off to be able to let things go. I've been doing quite a few things already, and SF is still far away, so I wanted to make a sort of a diary for myself which I can read back afterwards. Looking forward to start reading all these memory posts from others, didn't get to that yet...

As always: if you are attending Steemfest, and also planning way ahead like I am, let me know in the comments if you have anything to share!


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I do hope I make it @anouk.nox... it would be awesome to meet you in person. I made a post in anomadsouls challenge yesterday and it just reminded me how fantastic Steemfest really is.

Best of luck with all your plans :)

Yeah I agree, first I'm going to lake Balaton in a few weeks .. family trip .. we all need it haha... probably taking it a bit slower until then, as I'm really in need for a break lol.. I read his post, but didn't enter of course, as I wasn't there. But thanks for the reminder, because I was planning on reading the entries :)

Congratulations on a fantastic win. Best of luck in the rest of the tournament.

Thank you, gg to you as well! See you in the battlefield :)

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