Ocean pit"Mariana Trench" :deepest place in the world !!

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The Mariana Trench is the deepest known oceanic trench and the deepest part of the Earth's crust. It is located in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, east of the Mariana Islands at the coordinates of the deepest oceanic trench currently known! near the island of Guam. The lowest point is between 11,500 meters and just over 11,000 meters deep.

Although the oceans have long been practiced on the surface, exploration of the seabed was only possible recently.

The deepest point of the oceans is the Challenger abyss of the Marianas Trench, located in the Pacific Ocean near the Northern Mariana Islands. Completely explored in 1951 by the British ship Challenger II, its maximum depth reaches 10 923 m.

Most of the ocean floor is unexplored and not mapped. A global map of the seabed with a resolution of 10 km, created in 1995 based on gravitational anomalies of the ocean surface, is constantly improving thanks to the accumulation of altimetric measurements which are averaged.

Record depth of the Mariana Trench

Ocean trenches are hundreds or thousands of kilometers long and several thousand meters deep. The Mariana Trench shelters, 10.994 m under the surface of the Pacific (Challenger point), the deepest point of the planet. Thus, the greatest depths are at the edge of the oceans, not at their center.
All ocean trenches are the site of significant seismic activity. They are the source of 70% of the earthquakes measured in the world, which explains why they are particularly well studied.

The deepest oceanic trench known to date was first explored in January 1960 by Dan Walsh and Jacques Piccard using the Batyscaphe Trieste. More recently, filmmaker James Cameron explored it in 2012. The dive was done in an individual submersible named Deepsea Challenger and the director filmed everything in order to promote scientific research.

Long Way Down: Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench Mystery | Earth & Universe HD


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